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Pensions in Maryland

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Commissioners vote to allow retired Calvert deputies to work without participating in pension plan July 24, 2015 
City police, fire pension system's health improves December 10, 2014 
Annapolis sues police, fire retirees to get ruling in pension dispute August 17, 2014 
U.S. appeals court says Baltimore pension reform legal August 7, 2014 
Federal court upholds mayor's pension overhaul August 6, 2014 
Police, fire unions oppose mayor's new pension plan July 8, 2014 
Baltimore County will pay in police retiree case May 28, 2014 
FOP claims Balto. Co. now owes $1.6 million in retiree case October 15, 2013 
Court orders Balto. Co. to pay $573,000 to police retirees August 20, 2013 
Marysville approves tightened control over pension boards May 23, 2013 
Meehan Refuses To Veto Public Safety Pension Change May 10, 2013 
City school police seek better benefits for injuries in line of duty March 9, 2013 
Baltimore police, fire fighters pay plenty for pension benefits February 15, 2013 
Baltimore Co. police union sues over $25 million loan from pension fund February 6, 2013 
Judge: City pension overhaul can stand November 30, 2012 
Court: County Must Honor Police Union Arbitration Agreement  November 19, 2012 
State's high court sides with Balto. Co. police union November 19, 2012 
Local governments take budget knife to retiree health plans October 15, 2012 
City should yield on police, fire pensions September 25, 2012 
Judge Strikes Down Baltimore’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Pension Reform September 24, 2012 
In defeat, a victory for Baltimore pension reform September 23, 2012 
Judge strikes down city pension change September 20, 2012 
Baltimore County seeks to borrow $255 million to fund pension system September 11, 2012 
Maryland's mismanaged pensions July 9, 2012 
Marks gets thanks from union on pension bill vote March 22, 2012 
Union: Kamenetz pension bill sidesteps labor negotiations March 7, 2012 
Harford Government, Police, Schools Oppose Teacher Pension Shift February 27, 2012 
Shifting Pensions, Blame February 27, 2012 
Baltimore County officials' sweetheart deal December 18, 2011 
Knox County Sheriff's Office pension timeline October 16, 2011 
Federal judge: Balt. police and fire pensions harmed September 6, 2011 
Showing 31 items