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Collective Bargaining in Maryland

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FOP proposes collective bargaining bill for session October 24, 2014 
Wicomico-FOP deal now dead over contract dispute October 15, 2014 
Laurel city, police agree to collective bargaining  June 13, 2014 
City Council agrees to extend police, fire union contracts December 10, 2013 
Election season politics infuse debate over Montgomery Co. collective bargaining bill July 11, 2013 
Montgomery County loses collective bargaining appeal March 5, 2013 
Police Union Sues Leggett Over Question B November 9, 2012 
Montgomery County Police lose effects bargaining November 7, 2012 
Voters reject collective bargaining November 7, 2012 
Police lose bargaining vote in Montgomery County November 6, 2012 
Police union sues claiming misuse of Montgomery County funds on referendum November 5, 2012 
Montgomery hires workers to urge voters to approve limits on collective bargaining November 2, 2012 
Amid high-profile races, police bargaining a hot issue in Montgomery October 24, 2012 
FOP Attorney Calls for Montgomery Spokesman's Resignation October 24, 2012 
Police union fights to inform Montgomery County voter on "Question B" October 24, 2012 
Vote against Question B to support county police, their families October 24, 2012 
Other Montgomery County employee unions have ‘effects’ bargaining October 17, 2012 
Local unions rally against Montgomery County police labor law October 10, 2012 
Unions accuse Montgomery officials of lying in fight over bargaining rights October 10, 2012 
Pair of Montgomery County union leaders to oppose Question B October 5, 2012 
Court of Appeals rules in unions' favor on binding arbitration law September 29, 2012 
Anne Arundel public safety unions win binding arbitration lawsuit September 28, 2012 
Laurel Police Near Deal on Collective Bargaining September 28, 2012 
Anne Arundel councilman wants no more unions September 27, 2012 
Laurel police officers inch toward collective bargaining rights September 26, 2012 
City should yield on police, fire pensions September 25, 2012 
Montgomery Voters Will Decide On Police Bargaining Initiative September 25, 2012 
Unions a fiery issue for OC September 10, 2012 
Court: Montgomery police bargaining law will appear on the ballot August 17, 2012 
Collective bargaining referendum on Ocean City, Md., ballot July 20, 2012 
Public Employees Rally for Collective Bargaining Rights March 6, 2012 
What’s behind the union push? February 24, 2012 
Montgomery County Police Get Bargaining Question on 2012 Ballot  November 23, 2011 
Referendum set on Montgomery law curbing police bargaining rights November 22, 2011 
Frederick police union approves contract November 14, 2011 
Montgomery police want bargaining on the ballot October 18, 2011 
Police union may be close to contract September 27, 2011 
County Council Strips Police Union Bargaining Tool July 21, 2011 
County Council Backs Annexation of Reed Brothers Property and Changes to Police Bargaining July 20, 2011 
Montgomery Co. Council Vote Reveals Discord In Police Dep't. July 20, 2011 
Montgomery County Council rolls back police union bargaining rights July 19, 2011 
Public safety unions sue Anne Arundel County July 16, 2011 
Montgomery County could alter collective bargaining for police July 15, 2011 
Judge to issue ruling in dispute between Montgomery County, public employees union April 23, 2011 
Showing 44 items