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Other Concessions and Cuts in Florida

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No Miami-Dade Police Cuts, Mayor Gimenez Announces  August 29, 2014 
Miami-Dade mayor: No police layoffs August 28, 2014 
Cape Coral police stress need for new contract August 26, 2014 
Cape police frustrated with city's negotiating tactics August 19, 2014 
Gainesville to conduct pay study August 17, 2014 
Mayor Gimenez’s New Budget Cut Police Layoff Numbers In Half August 15, 2014 
Miami-Dade warns hundreds of police officers to get ready for layoffs August 12, 2014 
Cop Firing Deemed Unjustifiable For Deadly Shooting Of Unarmed Man August 9, 2014 
With Miami-Dade police cadets facing layoffs, a top administrator urges: ‘Fight for them!’ August 8, 2014 
Miami Commission sets tax cap, considers hiring more police July 24, 2014 
Cotterell: ‘A good two years’ for law enforcement July 19, 2014 
Miami Police Official To Residents: Get A Gun To Protect Yourself July 11, 2014 
Elwell: Stick with current overtime policy for police  July 10, 2014 
Miami-Dade Police to face possible layoffs June 16, 2014 
Miami Cops To Protest At City Hall Thursday March 26, 2014 
Bradenton police union OKs new contract, first raises since 2009 March 7, 2014 
Miami Springs cops look to quell misconceptions over contract situation March 7, 2014 
Lay off police officers doing their jobs February 27, 2014 
Former police sergeant wants Miami to pay for the time it took him to get dressed February 26, 2014 
New contract relaxes annual fitness test standards for Gulfport police officers  February 7, 2014 
Edgewater considers police union contract October 4, 2013 
Miami weighs budget plan to add officers, avoid layoffs and service cuts September 25, 2013 
Feud between Miami, police union widens September 24, 2013 
Orange activist, union groups unveil 2014 agenda  September 10, 2013 
AP public records brouhaha heats up August 27, 2013 
Hallandale firefighters getting raises August 11, 2013 
Town at stalemate with Police Department August 10, 2013 
BBPD asks for residents' input during accreditation process July 24, 2013 
Hollywood police officers to get raises July 23, 2013 
Hollywood police officers to get raises July 23, 2013 
Broward Police Union Loses Appeal in 'Financial Urgency' Case June 24, 2013 
City Commission approves new contracts with police unions June 24, 2013 
Treasure Island may have sheriff's dispatcher answer police calls June 8, 2013 
City budget faces $64M deficit June 4, 2013 
Kenneth City, police at impasse on negotiations June 4, 2013 
Despite Very Tight Budget, Lake Wales Officials' Requests Approved May 27, 2013 
Overtime pay withheld from FMPD officers May 17, 2013 
Hollywood, police union headed to negotiations May 9, 2013 
Several Broward cities renegotiate police contracts — but not Hollywood April 15, 2013 
Cape Coral strikes deal with police union to save $73 million March 27, 2013 
Putting out a contract: Marco Island police union, management work to negotiate new labor agreement March 25, 2013 
City of Titusville reaches agreement to end police, fire furloughs March 20, 2013 
Hollywood loses public records lawsuit, pays police union $3,500 in attorneys fees March 6, 2013 
Hollywood reimburses police union for attorney fees March 6, 2013 
Miami FOP Sues City On Behalf of Fired Police Officer February 22, 2013 
Ocoee approves new contract with police February 21, 2013 
Firefighters: Retirement Of Florida Public Employees In Jeopardy February 16, 2013 
NSB police union, city agree on new contract January 23, 2013 
NSB's police union to try again to strike deal with city December 31, 2012 
Negotiations under way between city, police and fire unions December 18, 2012 
District reaches agreement with school police union December 12, 2012 
FOP, City of Jacksonville contract negotiations dispute escalates November 14, 2012 
Police union/city negotiations hit roadblock November 14, 2012 
St. Pete Beach City Commission approves $1.5 million contract with sheriff November 14, 2012 
St. Pete Beach votes to disband Police Department November 7, 2012 
LPD Unionized Employees Getting Raise November 6, 2012 
Some Titusville city workers get furlough day Nov. 9 November 1, 2012 
Coral Gables Commission Votes Unanimously To Give LGBT Employees Partnership Benefits October 31, 2012 
St. Pete Beach police torn on what they hope Nov. 6 vote will be October 31, 2012 
Coral Gables Passes Domestic Partnership Benefits October 30, 2012 
Two proposed amendments to State Constitution involve veterans  October 28, 2012 
Cape approves caps on overtime for Fire, Police pensions  October 22, 2012 
Tavares finalizes contract for 911 dispatch  October 20, 2012 
Sarasota-based Police Union Endorses Torraco for State Attorney October 6, 2012 
Vero Beach police officers approve new contract  October 5, 2012 
NSB police at impasse with city in labor negotiations October 3, 2012 
Police union weighs in on justices' retention October 2, 2012 
Vero Beach Council has little to say at Tuesday meeting about police contract union to vote on Friday October 2, 2012 
Groups opposed to proposed amendment limiting state revenue more active than those supporting it October 1, 2012 
Nelson Cuba says GOP's opposition to justices not grass-roots, could hurt party with women October 1, 2012 
Republican police, fire leaders oppose GOP attempt to oust justices October 1, 2012 
Cops, firefighters to formally oppose "political attacks on the Florida Supreme Court”  September 28, 2012 
Vero police officers show up to support contract negotiating team September 27, 2012 
Jacksonville firefighters sign off on three-year deal September 26, 2012 
St. Pete Beach leaders want to disband city police force; voters will have ultimate say September 26, 2012 
South Miami: We’re not outsourcing police department  September 23, 2012 
Miami balancing budget under financial urgency September 14, 2012 
Some fear public safety gets the shaft in Wayne County's new $2B budget September 14, 2012 
Braced for tight budget, Daytona police chief's wish list includes more officers September 12, 2012 
City, Miami police union reach tentative contract accord that includes salary hikes in 2014  September 11, 2012 
Manatee County denies raises to public safety workers  September 7, 2012 
Plantation lays off 8 employees; coming year will bring three-day furlough, no raises September 7, 2012 
This week in City Hall: Police seek funding, GRU ponders contract September 7, 2012 
Appeals court: Miami city manager can declare ‘financial urgency’ to balance budget, despite union objections  September 6, 2012 
City of Margate and Police Union in Stalemate over Contract  September 1, 2012 
Tentative deal between Vero Beach, police union offers some security, but less favorable to officers financially August 30, 2012 
Commitment to public safety August 25, 2012 
Miami Mayor Regalado: Furloughs may be needed to balance the budget August 25, 2012 
Jacksonville sheriff apparently won't have to cut 114 officers August 17, 2012 
Sheriff fights to save police jobs July 24, 2012 
Vero Beach police to consider latest contract proposal July 23, 2012 
Rutherford asking for property tax rate increase July 12, 2012 
UNF Criminologist wants new tax for public safety May 22, 2012 
Letter: Mass demotion for police example of 'upside down' thinking in Vero Beach May 4, 2012 
In face of possible cuts, Largo police chief argues to retain staffing May 2, 2012 
Safety Dance: Probation Officers Feel Budget Cuts, Union Uneasy March 29, 2012 
Public safety concerns amid probation cutbacks March 28, 2012 
Unions combining efforts  March 9, 2012 
Brunswick employees will contribute 3 percent of pay to pension plan March 7, 2012 
Could Sarasota contract out for police services? March 5, 2012 
City commissioner wants to eliminate Sarasota Police Department  February 29, 2012 
Hiring Freeze, Police Cuts Considered to Balance Budget February 29, 2012 
Sarasota budget dilemma may lead to cuts  February 19, 2012 
City wants Jacksonville firefighters to take bigger cut or agree to quicker deal February 16, 2012 
Police Layoffs Ripple Through Key Swing State Of Florida January 31, 2012 
Miami-Dade Police Department Layoff’s Reversed  January 27, 2012 
Jacksonville City Council Approves Emergency FOP Contract Resolution January 25, 2012 
Miami-Dade Commissioners Vote To Avoid Police Layoffs January 25, 2012 
Miami-Dade commission to tackle issue of union concessions vs. layoffs  January 24, 2012 
Miami-Dade Police debating layoffs January 24, 2012 
Five percent cut or 550 layoffs? January 12, 2012 
Officers not happy with FOP deal January 12, 2012 
Layoffs Loom For Miami-Dade Police After Commission Vote January 6, 2012 
Commission votes against hike in officer health care costs January 5, 2012 
Police layoffs expected after Miami-Dade commissioners refuse to impose healthcare concession January 5, 2012 
Miami-Dade commissioners weigh imposing concessions on unions January 4, 2012 
Commission asks police union to make more cuts  December 20, 2011 
‘Layoffs are on the table’ Mayor working on next phase of reform December 16, 2011 
Jackson employees express outrage over layoff notices December 15, 2011 
Officer resigns over pay cuts  December 9, 2011 
Mayor Gimenez moves forward on promise not to layoff police, firefighters December 8, 2011 
Taxpayers are paying up to 75 percent of the health insurance costs for retired workers December 8, 2011 
Jacksonville council sees blue while police contract stays unsettled November 23, 2011 
Reorganization plan proposes cuts to JSO November 22, 2011 
Why Floridians Should Pay Attention to Ohio’s Issue 2 Vote November 7, 2011 
Jax FOP says new contract offers $12M in concessions November 6, 2011 
Police union, Jacksonville back at bargaining table October 28, 2011 
East Naples residents to vote on tax increase in 2012 October 26, 2011 
Tampa firefighters reject proposed contract October 25, 2011 
State, county workers take early retirement to avoid pension changes October 17, 2011 
City, police union saga 2 years and counting; new and old leaders at the forefront October 16, 2011 
Miami-Dade police officers avoid layoffs, for now October 16, 2011 
Public safety unions, city remain deadlocked October 11, 2011 
Cape Coral faces police exodus October 9, 2011 
JSO could face layoff of 34 more: Sheriff claims privatizing fleet service could save jobs October 6, 2011 
Sheriff: 129 Jobs Eliminated October 5, 2011 
Cape Coral public safety salaries debated October 4, 2011 
Jacksonville sheriff begins layoffs, calling the process 'horrific' October 4, 2011 
Report: JSO Cutting 71 Officers October 4, 2011 
JSO Layoff Officers Due To Budget Shortfall October 3, 2011 
CCSO, fire services merge into public safety union October 2, 2011 
Gov. Scott's pension cuts saved Broward millions, cost employees October 2, 2011 
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Layoffs to Be Announced in Lottery September 30, 2011 
Jacksonville council lowers cuts to libraries, police in final budget vote September 28, 2011 
Miami Police Union Agrees to 1-Year Contract September 27, 2011 
More Cape officers may jump ship thanks to budget turmoil September 27, 2011 
Sheriff Rutherford warns of public safety risk because of budget cuts September 27, 2011 
Sheriff Pushes To Save Officers' Jobs September 26, 2011 
Cape Coral approves $135.6M budget September 22, 2011 
Union presents new offer to Cape council September 22, 2011 
Higher Number Of Officers Facing Layoff September 21, 2011 
Final city budget hearing Thursday September 16, 2011 
FOP Accuses City Of Unfair Labor Practice September 16, 2011 
In a reversal, Cape budget anticipates no layoffs September 16, 2011 
Deile: City won't lay off firefighters, police September 15, 2011 
Wilton Manors police union suggests city explore BSO merger September 15, 2011 
Palm Bay ordered to pay for furloughs September 14, 2011 
Deleon's contract on agenda September 12, 2011 
First responder layoffs likely in Cape Coral September 9, 2011 
NMB tentatively approves budget with police layoffs September 9, 2011 
Volusia County Council approves Sheriff's law enforcement contract with Oak Hill September 9, 2011 
Cape council gives manager the ability to look at layoffs; mayor withdraws vetoes September 8, 2011 
Cape mayor withdraws veto of fire, police budgets September 8, 2011 
Cape weighs outsourcing public safety departments September 8, 2011 
Hialeah mayor: Without concessions, firefighters will get laid off September 8, 2011 
'Save the Cape' rally draws protesters by the score September 8, 2011 
City declares impasse in contract negotiations with police union September 7, 2011 
NMB city commission lays off 17 police officers September 7, 2011 
Police, fire layoffs possible in Cape Coral September 7, 2011 
Police, fire layoffs possible in Cape Coral September 7, 2011 
Union says no to furloughs September 5, 2011 
Cape firefighters ask for King's resignation September 2, 2011 
City proposes police take 8 percent pay cut September 1, 2011 
Brooklyn Shooting: How Many Police Officers Are Per 1,000 Residents? August 31, 2011 
Work done: Finance finishes budget August 31, 2011 
City wants payback from police and fire supervisors August 25, 2011 
North Miami Beach’s proposed cop layoffs spark protest August 19, 2011 
Declaring ‘financial urgency,’ Miami tells unions to redo contracts August 15, 2011 
School districts, municipalities face difficult choices as they look to balance budgets in the aftermath of sweeping changes in state funding August 14, 2011 
Miami Police Union Votes to Push Mayor Recall August 10, 2011 
Fire union members reject contract August 6, 2011 
Firefighters Union Leaders Join Regalado Recall Movement UPDATE August 2, 2011 
Police Union Pushing for Recall of Regalado August 2, 2011 
Police union members reject negotiated contract offer July 30, 2011 
Cash-strapped Miami commissioners lower tax rate, employees could face 30 furlough days  July 28, 2011 
NMB may fire 20 percent of police force July 25, 2011 
Guards' union sues to block state budget provision privatizing 18 prisons in South Florida July 19, 2011 
Furloughs on the table for Pasco County school employees July 14, 2011 
Alachua police strike deal with City  July 9, 2011 
Ill magistrate’s report delayed in town, police contract impasse July 9, 2011 
Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Legislature turn cost-cutting attention to law enforcement  June 30, 2011 
City, police union reach tentative contract agreements June 23, 2011 
Joost calls for ‘shared sacrifice’ in City budget June 14, 2011 
In Florida G.O.P. Help for Unions April 29, 2011 
Hialeah ordered to rehire laid-off firefighters April 28, 2011 
Fort Lauderdale Police Union: Boycott Bank of America April 26, 2011 
GOP vow to cut government, spur private jobs likely to raise other costs for Floridians  April 23, 2011 
Council vote slashes firefighters' pensions  April 22, 2011 
Unions pull money from Florida Chamber bankers April 21, 2011 
Privatization vs. protection of state workers a longtime debate April 17, 2011 
Cuba, Thrasher go head-to-head in Florida union bill fight April 14, 2011 
Public Employees Feel The Heat In The Sunshine State  April 14, 2011 
Poll Shows Widespread Support for Fire Fighters April 13, 2011 
Senate panel moves Thrasher union dues bill despite large union showing April 13, 2011 
Firefighters, Teachers, Police Speak Out Against FL Chamber April 5, 2011 
Is Florida about to become Wisconsin with a suntan? April 3, 2011 
Police Officers Pissed Off About SB-830 March 26, 2011 
House passes bill to ban payroll deductions for government workers union dues March 25, 2011 
Pay decrease on the table for police employees March 19, 2011 
Committee OKs bill on union dues and gov't pay March 11, 2011 
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