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Other Concessions and Cuts in DC

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Wave of police retirements could shrink size of D.C. force as District grows September 1, 2014 
D.C. police union also concerned about lax traffic enforcement July 17, 2014 
Despite Extra Help, Park Police Officers Poised to Work 12+ Hour Days July 3, 2014 
Some D.C. Police Expecting Raise Instead See Pay Cut June 15, 2014 
Allegations of an Inappropriate Relationship Hit U.S. Capitol Police June 11, 2014 
DC Council votes against police union, approves arbitration decision on contract May 6, 2014 
FOP takes fight over contract to DC council April 29, 2014 
Judge rules for DC Police Union July 22, 2013 
U.S. Park Police furloughs to end June 1 May 24, 2013 
Park Police Calls Could Be Put on Hold Due to Furloughs May 23, 2013 
D.C. 911 Dispatchers Blame Training for Mistakes April 29, 2013 
Budget cuts lead to Smithsonian closures, park police furloughs April 16, 2013 
Furloughs coming to U.S. Park Police April 6, 2013 
U.S. Park Police Facing Furloughs March 28, 2013 
Police Chief, Union Meet About Safety Procedures February 26, 2013 
D.C. Police Union Questions Payments to Attorneys in Mass Arrest Case January 29, 2013 
Washington, D.C. Police And Fire Union Leaders Say Mayor Gray Unfairly Excluded Them From Christmas Eve Compensation December 24, 2012 
Union says D.C. jail needs more staff for safety September 20, 2012 
DC police union says spike in robberies due to lack of officers August 27, 2012 
D.C. police officials stress need for more officers June 16, 2011 
D.C. Budget Blasted By Police Union Head June 15, 2011 
How many police? It depends on how much crime you want May 13, 2011 
Chief Lanier gets another raise/FOP members, no raise in four years  April 22, 2011 
D.C. mayor defends proposed police budget April 13, 2011 
New Concerns Over Shrinking D.C. Police Force April 1, 2011 
Will Congress Cut the Capitol Police Force? February 18, 2011 
Mayor Gray violates contract, dismisses police officer concerns  February 3, 2011 
Showing 27 items