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Other Concessions and Cuts California

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PG police say city faces staffing crisis November 18, 2014 
Members of Milpitas police union to get 7 percent pay raise over two years November 17, 2014 
Police Union: Overtime Cuts Causing Backlog for Detectives October 8, 2014 
San Jose police academy has another small class  September 4, 2014 
Costa Mesa reserve police get higher hourly pay than some full-timers  September 3, 2014 
Desert Hot Springs council reaffirms police salary cuts September 2, 2014 
Police department adds new officer, recruits September 2, 2014 
Desert Hot Springs to reaffirm salary, benefits cuts August 29, 2014 
Prison company pays $8 million in back wages August 20, 2014 
SJPD: Smaller force puts veteran cops on routine patrol and spurs identity shift August 16, 2014 
San Diego’s Police Officer Retention Problems Hit New Low August 13, 2014 
L.A., police union reach legal deal over salaries for new recruits August 12, 2014 
Pomona council approves wage increases for police, other city employees August 6, 2014 
Long Beach police officers sue city, citing political retribution July 28, 2014 
Hundreds of LAPD Officers Sue City July 23, 2014 
Police Union to File Complaint Regarding Negotiations  July 19, 2014 
Anaheim police union: Mayor ‘disrespectful' July 17, 2014 
Frisco Police Department to get K9 unit July 14, 2014 
Brentwood Police Department considering hiring incentive plan July 11, 2014 
Emmett eyes contracting police services June 13, 2014 
Woman sues Richmond PD for wrongful termination June 12, 2014 
Belmont police get wearable video cameras: City purchasing 30 ‘cutting edge’ recorders to increase transparency, reduce complaints June 2, 2014 
San Jose: Light incoming academy class underlines recruiting concerns for shrinking SJPD April 3, 2014 
Judge denies Desert Hot Springs police union request April 1, 2014 
C.A. Rejects Limitation on Officer’s Disability Retirement December 27, 2013 
Council to consider small raises for police December 9, 2013 
Pomona Police Officers’ Association calls for an end to furloughs December 6, 2013 
San Bernardino Fire Department instructed to cut $4M per year November 11, 2013 
Vallejo Police Sue City Over Negotiation Impasse October 19, 2013 
Livingston City Council approves furloughs, other concessions October 17, 2013 
Milpitas police pact will cost city $1.6 million October 16, 2013 
Federal shutdown slows hiring for Atwater police October 4, 2013 
Red Bluff approves police overtime appropriations September 14, 2013 
Turlock police union sues city for breach of contract September 10, 2013 
Baldwin Park voters could decide fate of Police Department September 5, 2013 
Oakland Police Department leader shifts focus to hiring more cops September 4, 2013 
Santa Barbara County employees want better contracts September 3, 2013 
Glendale police disciplinary appeals agreement challenged August 30, 2013 
Santa Clara County, union reach tentative deal August 28, 2013 
Police to hire civilians to keep cops off desk work August 21, 2013 
Proposed contract for Menlo Park police sergeants to include only 'step' and 'longevity' raises August 19, 2013 
SJPD Union Official Blasts Contract Offer, Says ‘Department Is Dying’ August 19, 2013 
San Jose cops dismiss city pay offer August 16, 2013 
Roseville police union weighs action over contract stalemate August 11, 2013 
Arbitrator sides with police union August 4, 2013 
State employee retirements rise August 2, 2013 
Police union reaches tentative agreement on new three-year contract with City of Milpitas July 31, 2013 
City Council implements ideas to improve police services July 29, 2013 
RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Sheriff’s union sues over retirement benefits July 26, 2013 
The Wages of Bankruptcy: Stockton’s Cautionary Tale for Detroit Read more: http://nation.time.com/2013/07/25/the-wages-of-bankruptcy-stocktons-cautionary-tale-for-detroit/#ixzz2aY5oyUOy July 25, 2013 
Funding for police, firefighter pay before voters July 24, 2013 
Milpitas declares impasse on police union negotiations July 24, 2013 
Sunnyvale council extends MOU with Public Safety Managers Association July 24, 2013 
L.A. County supervisors OK pay hikes for deputies, probation officers July 23, 2013 
Judge denies pay restoration for San Jose police July 11, 2013 
SBC extends tactical training for VVC police July 10, 2013 
Police Union Bemoans 'Walmart Wages for Saks-Fifth-Avenue Services July 1, 2013 
"Pension pickups" were negotiated in lieu of pay raises June 29, 2013 
City employees get pay hikes, pay more into retirement June 28, 2013 
Layoffs and Taxes on Horizon in Marina June 28, 2013 
Arcata police deserve pay that keeps pace June 27, 2013 
Labor contract approved for Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association June 26, 2013 
Layoffs Looming After Fresno Voters Reject Measure G June 13, 2013 
Police, fire reach tentative deals with city June 12, 2013 
San Diego City Council approves labor deals with six unions June 11, 2013 
State employees to receive raises in proposed deal June 11, 2013 
Understaffed police ask East Bay garbage collectors, postal workers to keep eye out for crime June 10, 2013 
Public safety a top concern in San Jose budget June 9, 2013 
Pacific Grove police deserve respect June 8, 2013 
Oroville Police chief offers alternative to cuts June 7, 2013 
Albany reserve officers serve for love of job, public service June 5, 2013 
O No - Citizens Protest Potential Cuts  June 4, 2013 
Long Beach Police Get New Contract June 3, 2013 
Proposed city layoff options include fire chief, public works director May 31, 2013 
Chief concerns: Chico police, fire heads lay out potential cuts: fire station may close; officers could be laid off May 30, 2013 
City Imposes Contract on Roseville Police After Negotiations Stall May 30, 2013 
Roseville council blasted for surprise ‘duplicitous’ meeting, defends 4-0 vote May 30, 2013 
Roseville Police contract concessions to be announced May 30, 2013 
City Comes to Tentative Labor Agreement with Lifeguard, Police and Firefighter Unions May 29, 2013 
City Could Force Contract on Roseville Police May 29, 2013 
Rancho Cordova Discusses Future of its Police Force May 29, 2013 
Roseville Police Cry Foul Over Emergency Pension Meeting May 29, 2013 
San Jose Police Pay Dispute Facts May 28, 2013 
New budget-balancing alternative proposes furloughs in police department May 24, 2013 
Pleasanton city employees agree to higher pension contributions, but gain first wage increases in 3 years May 23, 2013 
Police union official: Sheriff’s office not taking over in Walled Lake May 23, 2013 
Residents urge city to spare public safety from cuts May 22, 2013 
Contract Talks with City of Roseville and Police Officers Stall May 20, 2013 
Atherton residents address police contract issues, from outsourcing to pensions May 17, 2013 
Watsonville police, firefighter layoffs proposed May 17, 2013 
County boosts fees for police contracts May 16, 2013 
Catching Up for the week of May 6-12: Fresno police union offer rejected by city manager May 11, 2013 
Measure L committee to tackle police personnel May 11, 2013 
Burbank seeks to cut $2.5 million from budget May 10, 2013 
City officials: Fresno police union's contract concession offer not enough May 9, 2013 
Hollywood Police Department losing some officers to BSO May 8, 2013 
CSU campuses may see reduced police force in upcoming years May 7, 2013 
Sacramento Police will have to contribute to pensions if they want more officers hired May 7, 2013 
Butte County police departments work together to deal with realignment May 6, 2013 
Baldwin Park residents show support for police association May 2, 2013 
Atherton seeks public input on police contract April 25, 2013 
Layoff Notices Sent To 11 Salinas Police Officers April 23, 2013 
Police urge pact by mayor, City Hall April 20, 2013 
CSU police protest low pay April 17, 2013 
Ventura police plan to hire 'extra help' officers, including retirees April 16, 2013 
State university police union wages fight with CSU on pay April 14, 2013 
As cities lay off police, frustrated neighborhoods turn to private cops April 5, 2013 
Stockton police union backs 'concept of a special use tax' March 28, 2013 
Police Union Comes Out in Favor of Hercules Tax Increase March 27, 2013 
Seaside council weighs police contract; big changes to golf resort project March 20, 2013 
New San Leandro Police Contract: Pay For Pensions In Return For Raises March 19, 2013 
City Council, Bakersfield police union strike first contract deal since 2007 March 6, 2013 
Council to consider agreement with police union March 4, 2013 
City Reaches Agreements with Police, Fire, Teamsters Unions February 28, 2013 
City, police union finally agree to new contract February 15, 2013 
San Bernardino police, firefighters seek to sue bankrupt city February 12, 2013 
It’s past time to rebuild police forces February 10, 2013 
Mayhem exposes rising cost of fewer police February 1, 2013 
Claremont Police Force Depleted; Wages, Workload Drive Turnover, Chief Says January 31, 2013 
San Bernardino City Council imposes cuts on police, other unions January 28, 2013 
Modesto at impasse with union of police clerks, analysts January 20, 2013 
Police union, officer take aim at Arroyo Grande January 9, 2013 
Cathedral City City Council to vote on police benefits January 8, 2013 
Atherton police union dumps Teamsters, hires law firm for labor talks January 7, 2013 
Officers’ association alleges that the city retaliated after the group hired a lawyer for contract talks January 6, 2013 
Arnold prevents police layoffs with 25% tax increase January 1, 2013 
Sierra Madre, police union reach agreement on new labor contract December 12, 2012 
Union Sees Dissolution of Baldwin Park Police As Imminent December 12, 2012 
Four Hollywood cops shut out of DROP plan file lawsuit against city December 8, 2012 
Oakland police reach deal, avoid federal takeover December 6, 2012 
Costa Mesa rescinds controversial mass layoff plan December 5, 2012 
Deal brings end to L.A., Long Beach ports strike December 5, 2012 
Police union OKs new contract December 5, 2012 
Tentative police pact is progress November 29, 2012 
Budget Woes Force Town Of Paradise To Lay Off Police Officer November 28, 2012 
SJ Police Chief Calls City Council a "Brick Wall" November 28, 2012 
Water board OKs 4% wage hike for workers November 28, 2012 
Dos Palos police to fight council move on pay cuts November 27, 2012 
Oakland Police Union Clashes with Leadership as Feds Consider Takeover November 24, 2012 
New police contract goes to vote November 22, 2012 
Oakland Police Union Slams Department Leadership In Letter To Judge November 19, 2012 
No employee layoffs imminent, city says November 16, 2012 
Police service contract November 16, 2012 
San Bernardino to consider balanced budget with police, fire cuts November 16, 2012 
Wesson warns of up to 1,400 city layoffs if tax hike fails November 16, 2012 
Furloughs save Manteca $354K yearly November 14, 2012 
Unions fail to sway Montclair voters November 12, 2012 
Beck warns of LAPD layoffs unless city sales tax is increased November 9, 2012 
Bear Valley negotiates contracts November 6, 2012 
Baldwin Park to evaluate potential tax to preserve police department November 5, 2012 
SAN BERNARDINO: Council to consider disbanding police department November 5, 2012 
Crime Increases in Sacramento After Deep Cuts to Police Force November 3, 2012 
Commentary: Despite what critics say, I support our police November 2, 2012 
Is Marysville Police on the chopping block? November 1, 2012 
Nearly 160 LAPD Job Cuts Possible Under City Hall Savings Plan November 1, 2012 
29 Palms could lose fire station October 31, 2012 
DeMaio and Police Widows: Fact Check October 30, 2012 
City Attorney Carmen Trutanich warns layoffs will cost Los Angeles more money October 29, 2012 
Oakland police to add officers via California Highway patrol, save on costs October 29, 2012 
Police challenge campaign mailer's claims October 29, 2012 
Redlands, Fontana police share airplane, helicopter coverage October 29, 2012 
City of Woodland continues talks with labor unions October 27, 2012 
SAN JACINTO VALLEY: Public safety top election issue October 26, 2012 
160 LAPD employees could be laid off, but layoffs don't include cops October 25, 2012 
LAPD Support Staff Slated for Layoffs October 25, 2012 
Nearly 160 civilian workers in LAPD may be laid off October 25, 2012 
San Bernardino Bankruptcy Invalid, Employees Union Says October 25, 2012 
Commentary: Candidates' policies are harmful to public safety October 24, 2012 
Atwater lays off 8 workers October 23, 2012 
L.A. budget advisor urges 200 layoffs October 23, 2012 
Police union leader balks at Fresno mediation plan October 23, 2012 
Judge nixes deal restricting receiver powers October 22, 2012 
HEMET: Police union calls campaign mailer ‘deceptive’ October 21, 2012 
Atherton council candidates hope to lead town out of tough times October 20, 2012 
Council OKs Solar, Police-in-Schools Contracts October 18, 2012 
Oakland may hire contract police officers October 18, 2012 
Outsourcing must be approved by voters October 18, 2012 
Walnut Creek approves 'second tier' benefit plan for new police officers October 17, 2012 
Council To Review Labor Contract Ordinance October 16, 2012 
Wayne Winegard: California's politicians failing taxpayers October 16, 2012 
Disputed Contract for Police in Schools Back to Council October 14, 2012 
Needles employees urging city to negotiate October 14, 2012 
South Bay cities owe millions in accrued employee benefits October 14, 2012 
Central San employees say loss of experienced managers could compromise safety October 12, 2012 
City lays off jailers, forces new police contract October 12, 2012 
Mammoth Lakes Proposes Laying Off Nearly Half of Police Force October 12, 2012 
Mammoth Lakes, California mulls post-bankruptcy cuts October 10, 2012 
Mammoth Lakes proposes laying off nearly half of police force October 10, 2012 
Concord City Offices Closed October 19th for Furlough Day – More Protests Planned October 9, 2012 
SLO police officers reach pay cut agreement with city October 9, 2012 
Suffolk approves 8-year police contract October 9, 2012 
Vallejo council OKs plan to hire five new police officers October 9, 2012 
Vallejo mayor pushing to hire more police officers October 9, 2012 
City Claims to Have Reached Tentative Pact in Negotiations with Fire Workers October 8, 2012 
San Luis Obispo police officers agree to pay cut, ending impasse Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2012/10/08/2256272/san-luis-obispo-police-officers.html#storylink=cpy October 8, 2012 
Major deal struck between Redlands, firefighters October 6, 2012 
Attorneys request major changes in Oakland Police Department October 5, 2012 
Another California city declares a fiscal emergency as municipal bankruptcies mount October 4, 2012 
Baldwin Park inches closer to disbanding police department, contracting with sheriff October 4, 2012 
California’s Insolvencies Mounting as Atwater Declares Emergency October 4, 2012 
Atwater declares fiscal emergency amid layoffs October 3, 2012 
Layoffs set in Atwater October 3, 2012 
Brown vetoes death-benefit bill in late action October 2, 2012 
Marysville repeals imposed police contract October 2, 2012 
Sacramento pushes sales tax hike to bolster core services October 2, 2012 
Decision due on police union, city contract October 1, 2012 
Governor vetoes bill giving collective bargaining rights to student researchers October 1, 2012 
Murrieta Firefighters Take on 9% Retirement Contribution October 1, 2012 
Bill to extend filing period for safety officers' death benefits axed September 30, 2012 
Savings could be significant September 29, 2012 
HEMET: Council restores police pay September 28, 2012 
City deal with public safety group means 8th cop September 27, 2012 
Summerville board says ‘no’ to Prop. 30 September 27, 2012 
Indio ordered to negotiate with police union September 24, 2012 
Prison, parole officers face layoffs September 22, 2012 
Piedmont, firefighters union agree to labor pact September 21, 2012 
Red Bluff approves contracts, raises September 20, 2012 
Council Votes 6-2 (Austin, Neal dissenting, DeLong absent) To Have City Attorney Draft And Return For Discussion Possible 2013 Ballot Measure To Cap/Roll Back Total Pay/Benefits For City's Non-Public Safety Workers To FY 2010 Levels For FY 2014 & 2015 While Simultaneously Negotiating w/ IAM  September 19, 2012 
Dueling perceptions of San Jose crime September 18, 2012 
Pismo City Council Considers New Police Contract September 18, 2012 
Chuck Reed: How San Jose can put more police officers on patrol September 17, 2012 
Hemet’s Fire union responds to consultant’s statements September 17, 2012 
Mayor Dolan Announces Renewal of Police Chief's Contract September 14, 2012 
Pismo Beach, police union OK 2-year contract September 14, 2012 
Glendora approves reduced retirement benefits for new police officers September 12, 2012 
Castro Valley Unified Pensions: What Retirees Are Receiving September 6, 2012 
Despite objections, Marysville council adopts police union contract September 6, 2012 
Salary Increase Sought For Reserve Police Officers September 5, 2012 
Stockton police gain two officers September 5, 2012 
Marysville, police officers remain at odds over contract  September 4, 2012 
Pension changes allow cities to bypass bargaining September 4, 2012 
Sacramento police chief says Twin Rivers force should contract with his department  September 4, 2012 
Sunnyvale School District reaches labor agreement with education association September 4, 2012 
Isleton disbands police dept.; fire may be next September 3, 2012 
Chico police union agrees to city's proposed contract September 1, 2012 
Deal Between City Of Miami, Police Union Satisfies Both Parties September 1, 2012 
Busy Board OKs Police Pact  August 31, 2012 
Council approves RFP to explore police outsourcing August 29, 2012 
Death-benefits measure for police and firefighters awaits signature August 29, 2012 
Willows City Council Will Not Renew Police Chief's Contract August 28, 2012 
Police chief on the chopping block August 24, 2012 
Officer Exodus Hits Calif. Police Dept. Hard August 22, 2012 
San Gabriel denies law firm's ballot measures  August 22, 2012 
West Covina officials approve pay raises for police and fire chiefs August 22, 2012 
Livingston approves four layoffs as part of budget vote August 21, 2012 
City offices in Santa Maria closed for furlough day August 17, 2012 
Council upholds layoffs of officers August 15, 2012 
Support for benefits bill is outrageous August 14, 2012 
San Diego Government Issues Hiring Freeze August 9, 2012 
Police and fire unions blast the council amid negotiations August 8, 2012 
Union leaders warn Hermosa Beach about cuts in compensation for public safety workers August 4, 2012 
Possible Cathedral City Police Cuts August 3, 2012 
Cathedral City considers more police, fire layoffs August 1, 2012 
Long Beach, amid budget shortfall, faces cuts in city services August 1, 2012 
Long Beach's budget plan would merge agencies, outsource services August 1, 2012 
Proposed Long Beach budget cuts police, libraries, youth programs August 1, 2012 
Groups demand changes to San Bernardino charter setting public safety pay July 28, 2012 
Labor moves to save Palo Alto money July 23, 2012 
San Bernardino bankruptcy reignites debate over outsourcing city police and fire services July 23, 2012 
Six Stockton employee groups agree to salary, benefit cuts July 23, 2012 
How police, fire unions doomed San Bernardino July 22, 2012 
Potential police outsourcing topic of closed session hearing; report to be made public July 17, 2012 
Cathedral City official blasts public safety layoffs July 16, 2012 
Union benefits soon on the chopping block July 13, 2012 
Governor issues furloughs for last 2 labor groups July 11, 2012 
Merced public safety workers reach deal July 11, 2012 
Layoffs required to bridge $2-million deficit July 5, 2012 
Stanton proposes cuts to police, fire staffing July 5, 2012 
California's largest public employee union accepts new furloughs July 3, 2012 
Montclair council defends public safety stance July 3, 2012 
Furloughs approval in Calipatria June 26, 2012 
Orinda approves new budget; council criticized for not accepting furlough offer instead of employee layoff June 20, 2012 
Cathedral City Talks Cuts to Police, Fire  June 19, 2012 
LA County courts prepare for widespread layoffs June 15, 2012 
City adopts new budget; Sacramento firefighters avoid layoffs June 13, 2012 
Sacramento council to debate public safety layoffs; mayor urging pension reform June 12, 2012 
Rock Shatters Police Cruiser's Window During School Protest June 6, 2012 
Finding enough funding for public safety  June 1, 2012 
Council to hold budget workshop today May 24, 2012 
City Schools Prepare for 1,500 Layoffs May 23, 2012 
Sacramento City Council to explore November sales-tax ballot measure May 23, 2012 
Westminster council to vote on higher city fees, layoffs May 22, 2012 
Vallejo schools, district preps for Friday furlough, shutdown May 17, 2012 
Grover Beach police union opposes merger May 16, 2012 
Long Beach to lay off 67 employees May 16, 2012 
Two Kingsburg Police officers laid off May 16, 2012 
Glendale encourages early retirement to help city avoid layoffs May 15, 2012 
Glendale pushes early retirement to minimize employee lay-offs May 15, 2012 
Palo Alto signs new deal with police union  May 15, 2012 
City Council takes up firefighter, cop cuts  May 14, 2012 
Gardens, fire union reach pension deal May 10, 2012 
Jerry Brown tells unions state payroll costs need to come down May 10, 2012 
More Manteca Police officers hinge on revenue May 9, 2012 
Bay City Police Officers Association makes several concessions in newly ratified contract May 8, 2012 
Indio Cuts Police, City Jobs May 8, 2012 
Turlock stands to lose 4 police, 2 firefighter positions May 8, 2012 
Layoff notices spur concerns  May 6, 2012 
Westminster budget layoffs will slow police, other services  May 5, 2012 
Scorching Complaint Against Long Beach May 3, 2012 
City of Soledad Plans to Issue Layoff Notices to Police May 2, 2012 
Police union: Soledad to lay off officers May 1, 2012 
City workers offer plan to avoid layoffs  April 30, 2012 
City slashes salary spending by 4 percent: Public safety costs down, though fire overtime is up  April 29, 2012 
City manager warns of layoffs April 25, 2012 
LA Mayor's Budget Cuts for 231 Layoffs, Benefit Changes  April 20, 2012 
Antonio Villaraigosa Takes Aim At City Worker Unions Day After State Of The City Address April 19, 2012 
Cathedral City eyes drastic public safety cuts; budget looks grim April 19, 2012 
Indio city workers continue furloughs to ease budget April 19, 2012 
Villaraigosa avoids talk of layoffs in State of the City address April 19, 2012 
Cathedral City layoffs to include 34 public safety jobs April 18, 2012 
Downey to lay off 13 full-time employees April 18, 2012 
Indio employees agree to more furloughs to avoid massive lay-offs April 18, 2012 
Three Officers Gone from Hercules Police Department April 18, 2012 
Villaraigosa speech focuses on transit issues, not L.A. budget woes April 18, 2012 
City confirms that a total of 24 employees to be laid off within the year April 17, 2012 
Don't lay off Vacaville's firefighters April 5, 2012 
A bill of rights for state workers? April 3, 2012 
Montclair lays off three community service officers April 3, 2012 
Cabrillo College trustees vote to trim 13 positions in budget-reduction effort April 2, 2012 
Cathedral City officials consider layoffs March 29, 2012 
With more layoffs looming, Hercules declares fiscal emergency, paving way for possible tax measure  March 29, 2012 
Around 200 Riverside County workers may lose jobs to budget gap March 28, 2012 
Cathedral City employees object to possible job cuts at tonight's council session March 28, 2012 
Oasis fire station closure, layoffs needed, Riverside County fire chief says March 28, 2012 
RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Top administrator expects 196 layoffs March 28, 2012 
More than 20,000 California teachers receive preliminary layoff notices March 23, 2012 
L.A. fire chief says response standard should have been disclosed March 14, 2012 
Angry Villaraigosa slams firefighter union boss March 13, 2012 
How Public Sector Layoffs Are Holding Back the Recovery  March 11, 2012 
City to Lay Off More Workers, Including Sworn Officers March 7, 2012 
Hercules to lay off more police officers March 7, 2012 
Keep Pacifica Police Department intact February 28, 2012 
Cities could save nearly $1M a year February 26, 2012 
Oakland layoffs down to 21 city workers February 23, 2012 
Oakland limits layoffs to 21 February 23, 2012 
Westminster meets today with union leaders on layoffs February 9, 2012 
Police: Calls for service up with number of officers down February 8, 2012 
Redevelopment fallout: Westminster to lay off 49  February 8, 2012 
Sacramento Police Fear More Cuts February 8, 2012 
San Diego Unified School District approves superintendent’s plan to lay off employees, increase class sizes, to close budget gap February 2, 2012 
Oakland to lay off about 80 workers in budget cuts February 1, 2012 
Oakland Police Get a Federal Monitor January 26, 2012 
Pending layoffs fuel raucous Oakland city council meeting January 25, 2012 
Union, Fresno County officials still at odds January 24, 2012 
Oakland proposes fewer layoffs over redevelopment  January 23, 2012 
Oakland hands out layoff notices to 2,500 city workers January 19, 2012 
Union says 4,100 Fresno County workers will strike January 19, 2012 
Hundreds of Oakland workers to get layoff notices January 13, 2012 
Oakland to Lay Off 200 Employees January 13, 2012 
Oakland to issue lay off notices to 200 workers over loss of redevelopment money January 12, 2012 
Maricopa Approves Plan To End Police Dept. January 6, 2012 
Police union battles debt-ridden Stockton December 29, 2011 
Two unions spared layoffs, two to meet soon  December 28, 2011 
Are furloughs saving Rocklin money? December 21, 2011 
SPD union might just bankrupt Stockton December 18, 2011 
Police vs. Stockton, Round 1 December 17, 2011 
Lawsuit defeat may cost Stockton millions December 16, 2011 
Stockton, police union argue before a judge December 16, 2011 
Millbrae Signs Agreement to Outsource Police December 15, 2011 
San Bernardino County public safety employees face cuts  December 13, 2011 
Butte County court employees face layoffs December 1, 2011 
Stockton police take unusual step in budget fight with city December 1, 2011 
San Jose Police Department Has Job Openings November 23, 2011 
Calistoga police association head calls off boycott November 22, 2011 
Don't gut education November 18, 2011 
Yorba Linda residents push council to keep Brea police November 16, 2011 
Police officers pitch new way on health care November 15, 2011 
Cash-strapped Millbrae slated to decide on police outsourcing November 14, 2011 
Judgment day nears for Millbrae police November 12, 2011 
Grass Valley council imposes contract on cops November 9, 2011 
Palo Alto's Measure D blazed to victory November 9, 2011 
Grass Valley police talks at impasse November 8, 2011 
RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Balancing budget could mean 650 layoffs November 1, 2011 
Police deserve our thanks for all they do October 26, 2011 
Public employees agree to tight new contract October 20, 2011 
Correctional facilities lay off workers as inmates are released October 19, 2011 
Palo Alto police pay measure heads mail-in ballot October 15, 2011 
Hercules Council, after rescinding medical benefits, finds retirement a stickier process October 13, 2011 
Council forces cuts in police contract October 12, 2011 
OC Sheriff and District Attorney Protest $49.5-Million Budget Cuts October 5, 2011 
L.A.'s spat over health subsidy can bring woes October 1, 2011 
Palo Alto, firefighters union reach agreement October 1, 2011 
Rising costs could lead to fewer hometown police and fire departments October 1, 2011 
Palo Alto labor unions struggle in tough economy  September 30, 2011 
State money grab forces county cuts, layoffs September 30, 2011 
Guadalupe slashes police pay, benefits September 28, 2011 
GV police offering concessions September 27, 2011 
Legal opinion puts L.A. City Hall's budget cuts in jeopardy September 27, 2011 
CalSTRS suspends home loan program for teachers September 26, 2011 
Sacramento frets police layoffs may reverse falling crime rates September 24, 2011 
Long Beach Public Safety to be a Hot Topic Tonight September 21, 2011 
Chief: Police department 'in transition' September 19, 2011 
Employees give up benefits for health of fund September 16, 2011 
Proposal to shut down Police Department heated debate September 16, 2011 
County lays off 160 juvenile hall workers September 15, 2011 
Four sheriff's officers have layoffs rescinded September 15, 2011 
Council Will Vote On Police Contract September 14, 2011 
County budget deficit sparks debate about layoffs, pay cuts September 14, 2011 
Riverside County eyes future layoffs September 14, 2011 
Vacaville, police association to negotiate again September 14, 2011 
Hollywood Votes To Cut Police, Fire, and City Pensions September 13, 2011 
San Francisco labor deal gains unanimous support from supervisors September 13, 2011 
City aims to renegotiate with Vacaville police association September 11, 2011 
Bill to revive plan for L.A. County emergency system OKd September 10, 2011 
Greenfield chief offers policing alternative September 10, 2011 
Oakland Police predicts serious drop in police staffing levels September 9, 2011 
No Concession Agreement Between Fresno City & Police Union September 8, 2011 
Unions urge Palo Alto to reconsider labor reform  September 7, 2011 
A Plan for Our Public Safety and Quality of Life September 6, 2011 
Bankruptcy Exit Approved for City September 6, 2011 
Millbrae may be the next city to outsource its police September 5, 2011 
Claremont at impasse with police unions over contract proposal September 1, 2011 
O.C. cities should contract fire, police services September 1, 2011 
Arroyo Grande police union reaches labor agreement with the city August 31, 2011 
Measures A and B pass handily August 31, 2011 
Police union ratifies reduction in officer-to-population ratio August 31, 2011 
Benicia Police Officers Association Responds to Contract August 30, 2011 
Fresno police union offers deal on wage concession August 30, 2011 
Sheriff's Association Takes Pay Cut To Save Public Safety August 9, 2011 
Grover Beach city employees agree to major pay cuts to help city fill $800,000 budget gap July 26, 2011 
Two Rohnert Park unions reject City Hall contract offers July 18, 2011 
North Las Vegas budget woes didn't stop raises July 17, 2011 
Menlo Park cops to work 100 fewer hours under new contract  July 12, 2011 
CVWD Employees to Protest Proposed Pay Cuts July 6, 2011 
San Jose police lay off 67 cops due to budget cuts July 6, 2011 
Hundreds of jobs spared, sacrificed in new Oakland budget July 2, 2011 
Jerry Brown defies a union, finally June 29, 2011 
County Employee Unionists Rally in Todos Santos Plaza June 26, 2011 
San Jose Imposes Wage Cuts on Four Unions; Talks Continue With Police June 20, 2011 
L.A. Council caps healthcare subsidy for retired cops, firefighters June 14, 2011 
North Las Vegas laying off 40 firefighters June 13, 2011 
Labor deal holdout accuses Redwood City of acting stingy  June 4, 2011 
California County imposes 10 percent pay cut on deputies  May 23, 2011 
San Jose Mayor Declares Budgetary Martial Law May 21, 2011 
Ads target local republicans as state budget crisis continues May 13, 2011 
California Federation of Teachers Protests Defunding Of Public Education May 11, 2011 
Cerritos Narrowly Ends Negotiations With Union After Marathon Meeting May 2, 2011 
Costa Mesa could lose 10% of police officers in response to restructuring April 30, 2011 
San Joaquin County labor unions may be asked for concessions April 6, 2011 
Half Moon Bay votes to outsource police services April 3, 2011 
Bay Area Cities Seek to Turn Over Policing Role March 31, 2011 
County eyes deep cuts to public safety March 30, 2011 
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May 18, 2011, 5:37 AM