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Collective Bargaining in Arizona

Arizona's police and fire fighters rescue us when danger threatens. So who rescues them when politicians slash their pay and cut critical middle class benefits? Get involved today at www.RescueTheRescuersAZ.com

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Public employee unions: Legislative attacks clearly unjustified  March 7, 2012 
Union members rally against bills they say target organized labor March 1, 2012 
Unions Face Off With Koch Group Over Arizona Bills February 29, 2012 
Collective bargaining debate  February 26, 2012 
Union workers speak out against bill to ban collective bargaining  February 18, 2012 
Ariz. Merit System Under Attack as Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill Stalls February 17, 2012 
Arizona Collective Bargaining Ban Stalled – By Lack of GOP Support February 16, 2012 
Proposed Arizona Anti-Union Bills: 'Worse Than Wisconsin'  February 16, 2012 
Need to understand collective bargaining February 15, 2012 
Arizona Lawmakers Target Public Workers' Unions February 9, 2012 
Surprise drops curtain on police, fire union negotiations February 9, 2012 
Battle Over Collective Bargaining Coming to Arizona? February 8, 2012 
Ready to Fight Jan Walker and ALEC for Arizona?  February 8, 2012 
Public workers question need for ‘union-busting’ bill  February 7, 2012 
26 Things You Should Know About Arizona's Worse-Than-Wisconsin's Attack on Public Workers  February 5, 2012 
Wisconsin on Steroids? Arizona GOP Wants to Make State Most Anti-Union in Nation  February 3, 2012 
Arizona introduces legislation to prohibit public sector collective bargaining February 2, 2012 
Arizona targets public worker unions February 2, 2012 
Attention Arizona Public Employees: Arizona Anarchists Respond to the Anti-Union Bill February 2, 2012 
Brewer won't consider public worker union bills before OK of her plan for personnel changes February 2, 2012 
How Scott Walker and ALEC Plotted the Attack on Arizona's Unions February 2, 2012 
Jan Brewer Recall Possible As Arizona Collective Bargaining Has Democrats, Unions Planning Protests  February 2, 2012 
Jan Brewer Recall Possible As Arizona Collective Bargaining Has Democrats, Unions Planning Protests February 2, 2012 
Leaders wage war on working people February 2, 2012 
Public employee unions could be losing bargaining power February 2, 2012 
Ariz. lawmakers eye ban on public union bargaining February 1, 2012 
Arizona bill targets public employee unions February 1, 2012 
Arizona lawmakers targeting public employee unions February 1, 2012 
Arizona next to tackle PEU reform? February 1, 2012 
Arizona: Panel Votes to Ban Collective Bargaining February 1, 2012 
AZ bill would end collective bargaining February 1, 2012 
AZ Senate panel OKs ban on collective bargaining February 1, 2012 
Unions Scramble As Arizona GOP Moves Quickly On Labor Bills February 1, 2012 
Arizona out-crazies Wisconsin on public sector unions. And more! January 31, 2012 
Sweeping bills attack public employee unions  January 31, 2012 
Tougher Than Wisconsin: Arizona Republicans Launch ‘All Out Assault’ On Public Unions January 31, 2012 
Nearly 500 Gilbert workers could lose union after vote December 16, 2011 
SB 1609 Press Conference Announcement March 23, 2011 
SB 1609 Talking Points March 23, 2011 
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