Introduction to Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory concerns itself with the attachment feelings of a child towards its primary carer - typicaly its mother. It holds that the creation of a good attachment relationship in infancy is a key in factor in good mental health in adults.
Attachment Theory was originally developed by a British Doctor, John Bowlby. He began researching and writing on the theoy in the 1940s and was an active collaborator and researcher into the subject right up until his death in 1992. A key collaborator of Bowlby was Mary Ainsworth, who was originally Canadian but settled in the United States. She died in in 1997.
The story of the development of the theory also makes a fascinating narrative, including as it does, emotive films; a battle between a young radical and the British Psychoanalytical Society; experiments on monkeys; experiments on infants and adults with somewhat eerie names like the Strange Situation and the Adult Attachment Interview and finally, an eighty percent statistical co-relation between attachment disorders found in certain children and their mothers.
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