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 Attachment Disorder and Moms

Ideas for mothers of special needs children on how to better take care of yourself so you can better take care of your child.

As the mother of two boys diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, I wanted to set up a page just for moms...   ...about moms. There is so much information (about children) who have Reactive Attachment Disorder. This page is dedicated to the mom's of RAD kids to help us take care of ourselves while parenting highly demanding special needs children.  
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The smiles of RAD.

His because he feels so awkward next to me. Mine because I was overhwelmed, exhausted and worried.


 I truly thought I was taking great care of myself.  I had already lost weight, was eating a very healthy diet and was working out.  I went out with friends for coffee once or twice a week.  After therapy became more intense for my boys, their behaviors became more intense also.   I began to feel so overwhelmed and exhausted.  When our therapist said this could go on for months I did not know how I could stand to feel like this for months.  This is when he suggested I get away for a few days.  I went to my mother's house and slept and rested.  I came home a new woman.  Now when those feelings of exhaustion and being overhwelmed come back I know I have been slacking off in taking care of myself and that it is time to step it up.  We MUST take care of ourselves  first if we want to take good care of our famlies.  Here are some pages that tell about my battles and some areas in which I have found victory.  Maybe you will find some of my life similar to yours.


Knowledge is Power


We must educate






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"Be patient toward all that is

unsolved in your heart. And try

 to love the questions


Rainer Maria Rilke




















A.S. has been diagnosed with RAD. 

 Who will he be at the end of

treatment?  Will he ever be happy?

 Will he have successful

relationships?  These are all

questions that haunt the moms of RAD children.