Occupational Therapy FAQ's

What is an occupational therapist?
          Occupational therapists are people who help people to develop or adapt the skills they need for everyday living.
How does occupational therapy differ from other health professions?
        Occupational therapy is a health profession dedicated to helping people participate fully in life. When occupational therapists focus on the pattern of occupations and the ways in  which occupations shape people's lives, they act as agents of prevention, education, and restoration.
What is satisfying about this career?
        The most satisfying aspect of an occupational therapy career is making a positive impact on the way people live their lives.
What opportunities are available to become specialized in occupational therapy or to work with different populations?
        There are many opportunities for specialization in occupational therapy. The most frequently pursued specializations are in the area of adult rehabilitation, pediatrics, and hand therapy.
 Emerging areas of practice include ergonomics, vision rehabilitation, community consultation, driver rehabilitation, and working with elders in assisted living. Occupational therapists may also work in Native American health centers, prisons and detention centers, industrial and corporate settings, rural communities, and in school systems.
**For information on OT programs and requirements, please visit: http://aota.org/Students/Prospective/FAQs/38216.aspx