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ATS Overlay Creator, Full Coverage of Alberta, Canada

ATS Mapper is a unique application to create KML overlay files of ATS (Alberta Township System) sections. The KML files can be viewed in GIS programs such as Google Earth (TM) or ArcGIS (TM). The overlays include the section outline, quarters, LSDs and the geographic coordinates for the ATS points that define the location of the section. Within seconds ATS Mapper will create your KML file which you can open in Google Earth (TM) or ArcGIS(TM) to see the exact location of the section. See Wiki for information on ATS.

May 5, 2018, Important Update

The ATS Mapper user interface has changed. Rather than running the ATS Mapper software to select the ATS section you require, you will now receive the entire ATS section maps for Alberta. This way it will not need to connect to my server to get the ATS raw data. The ATS maps will be in standard file folders so you can quickly search for the one you require based on the section information.

Please contact me for cost and information on how it will work now.

Thanks for your support,

Roger Zimmerman, 
Founder of ATS Mapper

Request for an open source server

Does anyone know of a university, institute or company that would be interested in open source hosting the server for all the ATS KML files? There are 260,000 ATS KML files which take almost 4 GB of space. If these could be hosted then anyone could access them. I would like to get credit for creating them, as I spent many months creating the LSD ATS KML files.

Roger Zimmerman

Quick Start Demonstration.

ATS Mapper Quick Start Video

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