This site was developed to support a keynote address by Dr. Helen Barrett at the Project ATS 2020 conference to be held in Brussels, Belgium on 2 February 2018, and in Dublin, Ireland on 6 February, 2018. 
As part of the ATS2020 project, the Conference will bring together Educators, Researchers and Policy Makers (of national and European level) to discuss innovative approaches for the development and assessment of transversal skills (such as information literacy skills, collaboration and communication, autonomous learning, creativity and innovation), through an ePortfolio learning process and formative assessment scaffolding tools.  The ATS2020 learning model has been experimented in more than 200 schools (upper primary and lower secondary) in 10 different counties, involving more than 800 teachers and 10.000 students. (Promotional flyer - PDF)

Her presentation will focus on Know Thyself: ePortfolios and Reflective Stories of Deep Learning  integrating the themes of ePortfolios, digital storytelling and lifelong learning. 

The main themes to be covered: What? Why? How?
Lifelong Learner

This model of ePortfolio development is developed by Dr. Helen Barrett, ePortfolio Facilitator, and her model of Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios.