Native Chilean Flora

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Lapageria rosea (copihue)

Each species appears photographed in its habitat, identified with its family, latin and common names. The place and date of the shot is also given, or the photographer's name for borrowed pictures.
For each family of plants, a list of common species is presented, thus allowing to inspect relatives.

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Family descriptions and lists of species were taken from Reference 1, except for Alstroemeriaceae, for which the more updated Reference 4 was used. Latin name meanings and species descriptions were taken from References 2, 3 and 4.
Recently added species: Copiapoa laui, Palaua concinna, Copiapoa hypogaea.
Remarkable species: Tropaeolum ssp. austropurpureum, Sophora toromiro, Philesia magellanica.
Interesting sites:
Andean Botanical Information System, with an in-depth look to the flora of northern Chile and Peru.

1. Carlos Muñoz Pizarro, Synopsis de la Flora Chilena, Ed. de la U. de Chile, 1959
2. Mélica Muñoz Schick, Flora del Parque National Puyehue, Ed. Universitaria, 1980
3. Mélica Muñoz Schick, Flores del Norte Chico, DIBAM, 1985
4. Mélica Muñoz Schick, Andrés Moreira Muñoz, Alstroemerias de Chile, Taller La Era, 2003

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