Sometime after Gayle and I were married ... probably soon after our first daughter Gwen was born (which would be 1978 to 80 probably), she embarked on a family history "discovery" mission.  Her intent was to be certain our children knew their family lineage and heritage

Later, we agreed we would jointly work to create a legacy, not only for our children, but for all the children of our siblings.

We have agreed we will do what we can to create a family history that includes all the ancestors and descendants of our brothers and sisters, and this is to be our "legacy" to our family.  Unlike others, we also believe it difficult to record family without including community, hence you will often find families and places recorded that are not of direct lineage.  But it takes all you can find, to have some real sense of what went on in years past.

We hope you enjoy what you find here.
Gary Miller

So ... this endeavor is about 

       Glenda Gayle Bailey             Florence Ann Bailey

- my wife Glenda Gayle (Bailey) Miller,  

- her sister Florence Ann "Annie" (Bailey) Childress, 
       Gary Lee Miller             William Harry Miller          Barry Gene Miller

      - myself, Gary Lee Miller
                    & my two brothers
      - William Harry Miller
      - Barry Gene Miller,
    Donald Eugene Rice

- and Donald Eugene "Donnie" Rice; half-brother of Gary, Harry & Barry