Uncompiled Robots

This is a list of robots available in uncompiled format (meaning you can still edit them). These robots are typically not as well programmed as the compiled ones, but they do give you a good starting point for your own robots.

Size Class 4

  • Dummy - The stupidest robot possible. It just sits in one place and circles. Useful for testing new robots to see if they can survive a robot that doesn't fight back. Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Moving Dummy - A variation on the above robot. This version moves in slow arcs, changing directions randomly. Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Marauder - Basic robot circles around looking for prey, then moves straight toward it using a laser. Turns away when it gets too close to avoid ramming. Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Kamikaze - Basic robot circles around looking for prey, then rams and fires an energy bomb (if loaded). Fastest engine and no weapon. Submitted by Cubex DE

Compiled Robots

This is a list of robots in compiled format (meaning you cannot edit them, only run them). You cannot view or change their code, but you may still use them to see how your own robots match up to the competition.

Size Class 2

  • Brozkiller - This robot sits in one place and looks around until it finds a target, then it fires at it while turning to face it and moving in for the kill. Submitted by Christophe Arnal

Size Class 4

  • Bat - Basically the Marauder code, but with a bat instead of a laser. Stops at a safe distance and swings over and over. Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Battleship -¬†A stationary robot with four lasers that rotate slowly and fire without discrimination.¬†Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Crucifier - A scanner-less robot with a saw blade that moves in a pentagon pattern, slashing anything that gets in its way. Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Hazard - Immobile robot stays in one place and turns until it finds an enemy, then fires with a laser. Very good targeting. Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Killer Bee - An adjustment to the Marauder code, this robot shoots behind itself, attacking any following robots. Submitted by Cubex DE
  • Smarty - Robot circles slowly until it sees an enemy robot to the side, then spirals inward and fires with a laser. Submitted by Cubex DE

Submit a Robot

If you'd like one of your robots to be displayed here for others to download, please use the contact form to send your email address so I can contact you.