ATR3 Information

What is ATR3?

ATR3 stands for Advanced T-Robots 3, a computer game that requires intelligence to play, as opposed to most computer and video games.

In order to succeed, you must program your robot, equipping it with weapons, scanners, and more. Then you enter the arena and see how your robot performs.

So what makes ATR3 different from other games? You don't control your robot once you've entered the arena. Instead you must program your robot to act on its own, a wholly different challenge.

ATR3 was created by and is copyrighted by Richard Bartelt. 

So where are ATR and ATR2?

If you'd like to see where ATR3 came from, follow the link below to visit the official website:

Official AT-Robots v2 Homepage

Unfortunately this site hasn't been updated in several years, so don't expect any recent content.

Where can I get ATR3?

You may now visit the official ATR3 website to download the ATR3 installation file (in ZIP format). Just in case this goes offline again (as has happened repeatedly), you can download the install file here as well. Simply click the link below to download ATR3:

Download ATR3 Install File - 376 KB

View Full Documentation - 82 KB (right-click and select Save As...)

Correction of ATR3 Documentation

As reported on the official ATR3 website, the following error exists in the ATR3 documentation:

"[The error] concerns scanners which return precision. The manual says '0 means right in front of the scanner'. This is not true, since the arc of the scanner is divided into slices of exactly the same angle for each possible value of precision. The correct statement should therefore be '0 means somewhere in front of the scanner'."

Mirrored Site

For your convenience, in the event the official ATR3 website goes offline, we have downloaded the home page and mirrored it here. Simply click the below link to visit the mirrored page. Note that the other pages are not mirrored.

Visit the mirrored homepage