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Field Testing

Prototype 1-wheel car kit installed on a SUV  

2008 Domestic SUV 4WD with stock RF TPMS

Installed the ATPS kit on L-R Wheel:
    • Sensor & pigtail
    • Harness cable and PIOD24 box
    • Access/IO PCMCIA card and cable to PIOD24
    • Laptop PC w/ATPS prototype TPM software
Performed one calibration run
    • Calibrated with a stick gauge at only 4 points
    • Data predicted less than 3 PSI error  

Vehicle Road Test Results

    • Test run data calibrated to <2 Psi
    • Stock TPMS did not detect a problem until after vehicle returned to driveway and stopped.              
    • ATPS TPMS determined pressure to within 2psi in less than 10 seconds, regardless of pressure.
Prototype Field Test Results

Prototype Field Test Video