The ATPS system uses available technology that has been combined to produce a simplified TPMS system that is more reliable, more accurate and costs considerably less than current TPMS used in vehicles today.

Current System used today

The current system consists of the in-tire sensor assembly, an antenna, a bracket that contains a pickup box for the RF located in the wheel well of up to three wheels.
The ATPS System

    • The ATPS system has a module located in each tire that functions in a manner that is unique from current TPMS systems.
    • The ATPS system does not use RF signals or batteries.
    • Military advantages include Radio Silence, and immunity to EMP events and RFI.
    • The ATPS system always measures cold tire pressure. (Current system electronically adjust for temperature flucutations)
    • The ATPS system uses less components and is less complex. (Two primary components and mounting hardware)