Advanced Tire Pressure Systems, Inc.,  provides IP for consumer and commercial automotive markets. 

ATPS Product Development

Product development involves the entire scope of ATPS resources from IP Liaisons with the field to marketing, to engineering, Q/A and technical sales.  The quality of product development relies on some level of cross-training in each department in order to enable inter-departmental feedback.  Once the functional quality is proven, a strategic predeployment phase precedes any release to Sales and the field.

This strategy enables ATPS to make efficient use of its resources at all times.

Product Development

Test stand and in vehicle testing
    • Test stand has been constructed to test the ATPS system and calibrate the computer program to prove the operation of the ATPS system in a laboratory environment.
    • Data was taken and graphed to show the accuracy of the functional characteristics of the system prior to installing it in a 2008 domestic SUV.
    • The following graphs show accuracy that exceeds the  +/- 2 psi which is  the NHTSA standard.  As the device is refined  dimensionally the accuracy is  expected to improve to less that a 1 psi accuracy.
    • A 2008 domestic SUV has been field tested  with results exceeding the NHTSA requirements and a video has been recorded for the website.  

Future Development Plans

    • Three vehicles will be built and tested for durability.
    • The technology will be presented to various manufactures to discuss licensing and manufacturing.

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