Symphonic Band

All Pass-offs will now be submitted digitally! Please upload recordings to Google Classroom WITH metronome on. 

Please submit everything in 1 long audio file
Demonstration in Class
If you need to record in school, please see me.

Submit to Google Classroom no later than Friday, January 13

Please record with metronome

EVERYONE: Concert Bb Scale
In addition:
Green: 14, 15, 20, 21
Purple: 9, 10, 17, 18
Percussion: 9, 16, Complete This!   (Percussion - Perform straight through with metronome going - do not take any repeats - set metronome for appropriate time so you can be successful)

  • Reference recordings of concert material is available under Symphonic Band - Reference Recordings (or click here)
  • The Lesson schedule can be found on the website by clicking here or going to Symphonic Band -> Current Lesson Schedule . Groups are posted in the Band Room.
  • All Students Must sign up for the Remind Text Message system. Each student will be responsible for signing up for two groups: lesson group and Symphonic Band All (Parents are welcomed!).
    • Text the following message: @6dk9f8 to the following phone number: 81010


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!! 
  • Your first assignments are due this Friday, 9/9 by 7am! 
    • Fill out the information form by clicking here or going to Symphonic Band -> writing assignments
    • Read Symphonic Band Handbook and sign and return the last page by September 9th in class
    • Bring Instrument on Monday! (you have a locker!)
  • The Symphonic Band Handbook can be found at the bottom of the page. 

New to AHS? Want to know more about Symphonic Band, Music Technology, Music Theory, and Jazz Band? Click Here

Symphonic Band Performance at Norfolk, VA (2015)

Percussion - Direct links PERCUSSION  - DO THIS ONE
Pass off #4 "Snare Week 4" - Due Dec 15 - Do not do traps yet. 
1. Single Stroke Roll – Gold
2. Multiple Bounce Roll – Play along track #2

Pass off #3 "Snare Week 3"
1. Continue warm up with 4 basic strokes exercise – quarter note = 80 2. Continue Single Stroke Roll practice. Practice with play along track Silver 3. Multiple Bounce Roll – Read the instructions on top of the page. Then Watch Dr. Wooton’s instructional video and then practice along with play along track #4 first, then track #1.

Pass off #2 "Snare Week 2"
  1. Continue warm up with 8 on hand exercise using eighth notes: Day1:at80bpm * Day2:at100bpm * Day3: at120bpm * Day4:at140bpm

  2. Single Stroke Roll – Watch Dr. Wooton’s instructional video first, and then practice along with the play along tracks starting with Bronze. 

Pass of #1 "Snare Week 1"

Week 1
Watch Dr. Wooton’s Lesson - The 4 Basic Strokes!
Practice the "8 on a hand" exercise everyday for 
at least 2 minutes at the following tempos: 

:at120bpm • Day2:at140bpm • Day3:at160bpm • Day4:at180bpm 

Watch Dr. Wooton’s Lesson - How to practice Rudiments