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posted Mar 29, 2017, 2:13 PM by Ross Hecht
WOW! Tomorrow is the day!

Please read carefully!

Check in procedure:

6:50-7:15am - Luggage Check-in - AT MAIN OFFICE ATRIUM

  1. Meet Mr. Hecht in the Main Office Atrium with the following:
    1. Suitcase
    2. Carryon Bag
    3. STUDENT ID (If under 18)
    4. License if 18
  2. In exchange for those items, I will give you a luggage tag and you will leave your belongings in the atrium to be checked.

Some reminders:
  1. No liquids in your carry-on
  2. Bring you instrument and music!
  3. Pack your uniform, tuxedo, or black attire if playing on Great Locomotive or Quiet Courage
  4. The forecast has some rain in it - be prepared with a light jacket or poncho!!
  5. Pack your SHOW SHIRT and TEXAS SHIRT
  6. You will be called out of class around 1:15ish - I will let you know via REMIND on where to go

Email me with any questions!  Here we go...#dontfallintheriver