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Woodwind Trio - "High Street Winds"

High Street Winds, Allentown High School's Woodwind Trio, is an ensemble dedicated to providing more advanced musical challenges and opportunities for some of AHS's most talented musicians.  The trio performs in concerts at Allentown High School as well as at a variety of school and community events throughout the school year.  

The trio is an audition-only ensemble.  Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances.  Since music of a more advanced nature is performed by this group and each individual is alone responsible for their own part, attendance is imperative.  A small ensemble can only function with all parts present.

Visit the Dropbox to download and print your parts.
New parts will be added throughout the year.

This year (2018/2019) the Woodwind Trio has the following positions open:
  • Flute
Each position must be auditioned for.  Students will be expected to perform:
  • An assigned excerpt from the 2018/2019 NJMEA All-State repertoire
  • Major Scales up to 4 sharps or 4 flats (the student may choose their first scale, teacher will choose other 2)

Audition excerpts can be viewed and printed below.  
Auditions will be held on Thursday October 25th at 4:30pm.  

  • Please learn the highlighted sections from the 2018/2019 NJMEA piece, Bach's Sonata in Eb No. 2 for Flute.  
  • The excerpts are from movement 2, rehearsal letters C-D and movement 3 from the beginning to rehearsal letter D.  These are two of the same excerpts that will be used for the 2019 All Shore Band.
  • Download excerpt here.

Returning members must fill out the registration form, but do not have to audition.