Alyce Underhill 
Photography * Mixed Media * Artist

"Art is not just an object... a painting or a sculpture. It is a culmination of human energy, human emotions... joy, grief, hope or hunger... all the things that connect us as humans. 

When these emotions and energy come together as a piece of art the ordinary is made special. That is why art becomes an experience between the "creator" and the "experiencer". A connection is made. We are joined through our humanness. 

Always striving to infuse my work with a quiet it a photograph or performing a Russian Lullaby or Navajo walking song I invite you to feel, to make a connection. 
The act of making something that never existed before is mystifying. 

Thank you for engaging my art."  
~ Alyce Underhill    

Contact Alyce: 
Phone: 978-994-2696

Along with playing guitar, handheld Native drum and various percussion instruments she considers voice her strongest instrument. Alyce has performed at The Museum of Our National Heritage, The Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Shriners Hospital Boston, many private events, coffee houses, fairs and festivals.She has opened for Grammy Award Winner Bill Miller as well as The Kennedys and African singer/songwriter Tony Bird.

In the Gloaming 
by Annie Harrison and Meta Orred, 1877

Papacita by Hugh Moffatt

Cossack Lullaby 
by A.T. Gretchaninov and M. Y. Lermontov, 1889

Alyce's artwork has been seen at the Beebe Estate Gallery, The Firehouse Center for the Arts, The Cloister Gallery, 
Charles River Coffee House, School Street Gallery, many libraries and is held in private collections as well.

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Sharon Santillo

Has this ever happened to you? Something reminds you and you think, 
"I wish I had asked my grandparents more questions.Or you hear a friend say, 
"I wish I had asked my dad about the neighborhood where he grew up." 
Our family trees are full of stories. But if no one records them in some way, 
in three generations they are lost. 

Artist/writer, Sharon Santillo, is on a mission to encourage 
adults, teens, and children to collect these stories now, to interview
family members while they can, to add researched details to enhance 
the stories, and to do it all through art. 

She teaches all ages how to make 
books of their family stories, 
books that become family keepsakes. 
No previous art or writing experience 
is necessary to attend a Family Stories 
through Art workshop. 
               See examples at 

A page from the book Mary Linn by Sharon Santillo

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Ose Manheim
Photo by Thom Ciulla
I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and came to the US with my husband and first child. I have been a Malden resident for 12 years. Before moving to Malden I lived with my husband and three children in Falmouth Massachusetts. I worked as an addiction counselor on the Cape.

Art has always been a part of my life as a hobby. I first enjoyed playing recorder and piano, then the cello for a short time. As a girl I loved dancing ballet and participated as a young adult on Cape Cod. While living on Cape Cod, I also took a few pottery lessons from Harry Holl in his Scargo Lake studio in Dennis.

Later in life I sketched and wrote poetry. Photography, something I returned to after retirement, has become my most recent medium. I enjoy it because it combines my passion for nature and beauty. Whether in the forest or on the beach, I engage all my senses. On the beach I listen for wind and ocean waves with their fluctuating dynamics. 
I treasure the damp forest fragrance of earth and leaves or the scent from flowering bushes and trees in the spring. With my camera I snap the designs that emerge from all seasons and often form series that share a pattern or theme. One recent theme is “sketches in the snow,” a collection of pictures taken of branches and twigs in winter.

Through my images, I like to bring attention to our connection and dependence on nature as well as share my awe for natural phenomena like photosynthesis. It’s humbling to be mindful of the service leaves do by helping to purify our air. 
Photo by Thom Ciulla   
In 2006 I entered my very first show at SandT Kalloch’s gallery in Malden. Every year since then I have participated in several local exhibits.

It is a pleasure and honor to be part of the upcoming event “A Touching Experience”. For this occasion I have chosen clay as one medium. As I “play” with it I remember my old teacher telling me that he taught a blind person to use the wheel. To experience the clay and better be able to teach his student, he worked the wheel and clay with eyes closed. While hand building my figures, I also closed my eyes. My hands felt the pliable clay being thinned as I work with it. And somehow the earthy smell of the clay is more distinct and pronounced. 

In addition to clay pieces I plan to make a montage using “treasures” from walks on the beach: shells, small pieces of drift wood, rocks, and maybe seaweed as well. I will translate the visual findings to a tactile experience.

I look forward to the event at Beebe Estate in June.

Please visit Ose Manheim Photography Website:
To contact Ose, 
please email her at 

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Photo by Thom Ciulla
Becky LeBlanc

Poet, Grief Writer 

 Becky LeBlanc is still trying to figure out how she got invited to be in an actual art exhibit. She writes poetry about her experiences with grief, disability (her "disabilities of choice" are blindness and mental illness) and faith. Her goal always is to write honestly. Becky is at this very moment trying to think of creative ways to make the poems she writes accessible to all. Wish her luck. 

 Some of her writing on blindness can be found here: 

 And some of her other writing is found here: 

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Joe LeBlanc

Joe LeBlanc is a musician and guitar builder who slowly lost his vision over the years due to an inherited eye disease. Heading toward complete blindness led him to put guitar building aside and he is currently in the process of trying to figure out what’s next. Join him on this journey as he shares what it is like to transition from the sighted world into blindness.

Joe's Instrument Making Facebook Page:

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Photo by Thom Ciulla

Thom Ciulla

My name is Thom Ciulla. Photography is my passion. Looking at the world a little bit differently, capturing the simple and complex, beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful yet all so very wonderful. To share the world through my eyes and heart is like seeing it again for the first time. My work has evolved to include mixed media. Creating art from forgotten and discarded possessions, giving them a new life, a second chance so to speak, something we all deserve. A Touching Experience has opened my mind and heart to a new experience that I’m humbly grateful for... to work with such talented and giving artists and friends...

"The dragonfly is a sense of self that comes with maturity and a symbol of living in the moment. This winged creature has a history and a story to tell. The antique brass feet anchor the wood and metal torso that once rolled endlessly, making patterns of beautiful wallpaper. The wings are century old sheet music, torn and burnt carefully from music gone by. And the head. once a clock. no longer tells time, yet continues to share timeless words"

To see Thom Ciulla's photography, please visit his website: 

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Gary Borkan

Gary Borkan is a professional antique dealer specializing in prints and posters. He got involved in art in his mid 40s. 

"I have focused on glassblowing and though it is only part time for me, has been very rewarding in self expression, my identity (in the arts) and meeting very interesting people. 
I sell my work at Hourglass Gallery in Melrose, and also a few shows including the Melrose Arts Festival in April.

I have also been active in running the monthly Art Exhibits at Beebe Estate Gallery for 6 years and that has introduced me to many in the arts community."

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Gary's contact info:
Phone: (617) 459-6474
Professional Website:

J.J. Long

J.J. Long is a professional oil painter from Melrose, MA. Long has a B.A. from the University of NH with a focus in Fine Arts. He has been self employed for 10 years as an artist displaying in galleries, art festivals, open studios, and outdoor art markets around New England. J.J.'s paintings posses a calming and peaceful quality while rendered in the style of realism. His subject matter consists of landscapes, cityscapes, figure studies, still lifes, sunsets, fantasy art, and much more. He is always available for commission work and ready to bring your artistic visions to life.  

"Boatside Meadow III", oil on canvas


To contact J.J., please 
call his studio at 617-803-7804 or 
To see more of J.J. Long's work please visit his 

 An Interview with J.J. on Liz Smith's TV show "MAKERS IN BUSINESS" 

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Janet Kierstead 

Janet Kierstead is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Lesley University Graduate School. 
She is a member of the Rockport Art Association and the North Shore Arts Association (Gloucester). 
Janet won awards for her paintings. She has taught art to adults and children in various settings. 
Massachusetts resident.

  Sitting Bull   

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Kerry Mullen
Fine Arts Paintings, Prints and Sculpture for the Home & Garden

Kerry Mullen is a multi-media artist living and working in 
Gloucester, Massachusetts.
She is greatly influenced by her natural surroundings 
particularly the rocky coast, glacial formations, granite quarries, 
ocean, and extraordinary light which plays upon all of these 
from season to season. 

"My work can primarily be described as expressions of spirit and transcendence; an honoring of the mysteries of life I suppose.

I use Cone 6 clay and glazes for my ceramic pieces combined with plaster, wood, glass, rocks, sand and whatever else . . . usually dog and cat hair that gets stuck in the glue. The scale of my work ranges from 6 – 24” upto 4 – 8’. For sculptures, I typically have sketches or small models that inform the construction process; most times I have to adjust and problem solve as the work evolves. 

I love the art and architecture of many diverse cultures across the globe including the relief carvings and sculptures of the Aztec civilization in Mexico; the pre-Christian and Christian Celtic carvings of Ireland; the monasteries and temples of Thailand and Southeast Asia and the mosques and temples from India to Iran. My inspiration also comes from contemporary artists such as environmental sculptor and installation artist Andy Goldsworthy and poet Mary Oliver." 
~ Kerry Mullen 

Contact Kerry 
 or phone: (978) 283-8289

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Tom Gill

Tom has been painting since he was 10 years old. Born in Lowell, MA and raised in Chelmsford, MA, he started his professional career in 1982, after flirting with a rock musician career, and after taking his fine art education with the Art Insitute of Boston. Tom developed his own style using acrylic paint mostly on canvas to express his emotions, using brush strokes that are full of energy. The result is always loose and impressive with harmonious colors that interplay with light.. He teaches this style through entertaining demonstrations throughout New England art associations.

The Pond's Edge", Acrylic

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Tom's painting style is inspired by John Singer Sargeant, Norman Rockwell, Richard Schmid, and many others. He describes his style as impressionistic realism. He likes to work fast and paints figures in their own environments. He finishes his paintings spontaneously with what he calls, "slap, dashes and dots". 

To see more of Tom Gill's work please visit his 

Bruce Welsh

    Bruce attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where his training focused on traditional oil painting techniques and drawing. His training at the Museum School helped him to pursue a career as a technical illustrator and an industrial designer. Today he is a printed circuit designer in the semiconductor industry.

    His realist paintings and drawings have been shown by invitation at the Lyme Art Association, Lyme Connecticut, one of America's oldest art associations. He has also exhibited at The Beebe Estate, Melrose, and at the Reading, Lynnfield and Woburn Art Associations, and with the Malden Sketch Group. Bruce is returning to oil painting and drawing after a long hiatus and hopes to exhibit more frequently in the future.

"It's a pleasure and a real challenge for a representational oil painter like me to participate in "Touching Experience". The exhibit has challenged me to investigate new materials and techniques in order to present art in a very unique way. I look forward to contributing to such an unusual and worthy artistic theme and thank my friend Alyce Underhill for the kind invitation. 
My approach to  this exhibit was influenced by the Exhibit at the Museo del Prado, Spain. 

My two sons Jason and Christopher are also returning to painting and drawing after establishing themselves in other careers.
I'm proud of these two, and I hope you can take time to visit their websites and leave a comment"
~ Bruce Welsh

Melrose Skyline  Sunday Chinatown
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