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    <Nimrod>    What'd you do now? :-P
    <jhurliman>    hey! came to ask you for something..
    <Nimrod>    lol, np
    <jhurliman>    so... how attached are you to the Nimrod Yaffle name in SL? heh.
    <Nimrod>    2000% I denied it on SC because I didn't want the Lindens to make the link... well... see that I admit it at least
    <jhurliman>    really? hmm
    <Nimrod>    Yep, why?
    <jhurliman>    did you see the press about how the link has been made?
    <Nimrod>    How else would I have known you were banned before everyone else? lol
    <Nimrod>    oooo?
    <Nimrod>    Where?
    <jhurliman>    well i'm talking with adam and a few of the core libsecondlife guys and they need to escape from the bad PR situation in a serious way
    <jhurliman>    hold on i'll grab the link
    <Nimrod>    "Word on the grid is that Baba and his Bot-buddy Nimrod Yaffle are being frog-marched by the Lindens out the door -- that even our liberal lib-lubbin' Love-Machine loons have had enough."
    <Nimrod>    aah, ok
    <Nimrod>    Oh yeah, I know they know it's me
    <jhurliman>    "Banned CopyBot Girl GeForce Go’s Identity Revealed?"
    <jhurliman>    ok
    <Nimrod>    I just thought that they made the link with you
    <jhurliman>    well, to save the libsecondlife group face i'll offer you a deal. since you are involved with the sale already, if you take the complete fall and claim ownership of Prim Revolution i can pay some financial damages for your name being damaged
    <jhurliman>    "Reports at the Second Citizen web site forums indicate that CopyBot salesgirl GeForce Go may have had an alternate identity - the well known nimrod Yaffle."
    <Nimrod>    Hmm, how much?
    <jhurliman>    $100 USD?
    <Nimrod>    eeehh lol
    <Nimrod>    I think you'd be ok though, nobody has suggested your connection yet
    <jhurliman>    well how about this. you don't know who prim revolution is, but you're pretty sure he's an old member of V5 but have no idea which
    <Nimrod>    Still with the money? lol
    <jhurliman>    sure, if you defend that story with honor
    <Nimrod>    Sure
    <Nimrod>    I can even name current V5 in SL to point fingers at :-P
    <jhurliman>    great
    <jhurliman>    heh, we have a PR overlord working here, so he might set you up with some targeted forum topics to respond to, or a blog post to comment on with your story
    <Nimrod>    haha, ok
    <Nimrod>    Hmm, what do you make of this?
    <jhurliman>    you aren't getting kicked out by lindens, don't worry. but libsecondlife is going to make a blunt statement saying they had no connection whatsoever with anyone selling copybot
    <Nimrod>    Oh man, this just keeps getting better :-P
    <jhurliman>    indeed
    <Nimrod>    haha, now Prok thinks I'm Baba
    <Nimrod>    [3:19] nimrod Yaffle: Am I Baba?
[3:20] Prokofy Neva: How can anyone tell? and you are as phony as a 3-dollar bill
[3:20] nimrod Yaffle: I'm *very* confused
[3:20] Prokofy Neva: oh knock it off
[3:20] Prokofy Neva: in the chat log
    <jhurliman>    oooh
    <Nimrod>    but the chat log says nothing... I don't get it?
    <jhurliman>    she means the one in the #libsl channel i believe
    <Nimrod>    Yeah, this:
    <Nimrod>    But I don't see a connection?
    <Nimrod>    who is cw?
    <jhurliman>    she is connecting the "free the prims!" mentality of GeForce Go with that same attitude by BabaYama
    <Nimrod>    oh
    <jhurliman>    an ESC employee
    <Nimrod>    ah
    <Nimrod>    Oh wow "Nov 10 19:03:04 BabaYama the bot should just teleport around to every sim stealing attachments and apperaances and storing them in folders" that's what I said too lol
    <jhurliman>    ahahaha
    <Nimrod>    Maybe if I could script or knew how to program I *might* see the connection prok is making... but i have NO idea what she's talking about... and she doesn't want to explain it
    <jhurliman>    baba can't script or program either
    <Nimrod>    oh
    <Nimrod>    well there ya go!
    <jhurliman>    haha, it works in her mind!
    <Nimrod>    lol
    <Nimrod>    she's asking who cw is
    <Nimrod>    like a name
    <Nimrod>    should I make one up? :-P
    <Nimrod>    hey tester anvil is gone from the people list
    <jhurliman>    really? hm
    <jhurliman>    i don't even know his name... cw!
    <Nimrod>    haha
    <Nimrod>    [3:32] Prokofy Neva: yes but who is Prim the new alt of?
    <Nimrod>    lol, V5!
    <jhurliman>    testing anvil still shows in the list
    <jhurliman>    here you go
    <jhurliman>    * Prim Revolution was obviously an alt account, and it looks like it was an old member of the banned V5 group back for more
    <Nimrod>    Oh, I did tester
    <jhurliman>    that bullet point was forwarded to me
    <Nimrod>    K
    <jhurliman>    * Haven't heard from Prim since the ordeal, probably a dead account now
    <jhurliman>    if you're asked about the software itself at all you can say that the download link was taken down, otherwise no need to mention it
    <Nimrod>    K
    <Nimrod>    [3:35] Prokofy Neva: who is Prim>?
[3:35] Prokofy Neva: the alt of?
[3:35] nimrod Yaffle: Can't say, you have a habit of posting chat logs.
[3:35] Prokofy Neva: it doesn't matter
[3:35] Prokofy Neva: and i haven't posted any chat log of yours
    <Nimrod>    lol
    <Nimrod>    haha, now I'm just messing with her...
[3:35] Prokofy Neva: and i haven't posted any chat log of yours
[3:35] nimrod Yaffle: yet
[3:36] nimrod Yaffle: Wait
[3:36] nimrod Yaffle: if I'm Baba... then you did post a chat log of me
    <jhurliman>    feed her the V5 lead
    <Nimrod>    K
    <Nimrod>    You should join the "I love waffles" group
    <Nimrod>    Many V5 are in that group
    <jhurliman>    with prim? ok
    <Nimrod>    yeah
    <Nimrod>    er.. "waffle time"
    <jhurliman>    k
    <jhurliman>    did it
    <jhurliman>    did you tell her?
    <Nimrod>    cool
    <Nimrod>    Nope, I will in a bit
    <jhurliman>    ok
    <Nimrod>    [3:53] nimrod Yaffle: Did you know that 90% of the "Waffle Time" group are V5?
[3:53] nimrod Yaffle: What's funny, is that when I mentioned it to the Linden that's a member, he seemed confused and has no idea what I was talking about
    <Nimrod>    Maybe she'll make the connection?
    <jhurliman>    cool
    <jhurliman>    let her work for the clues
    <Nimrod>    yeah
    <Nimrod>    [3:57] Prokofy Neva: who's the office Linden in on this CopyBot stuff?
[3:58] nimrod Yaffle: What do you mean?
    <jhurliman>    no lindens knew about it until the general populace did
    <Nimrod>    ok
    <Nimrod>    Should I fight for Geforce with LL? That account didn't break any TOS
    <jhurliman>    i would just leave it dead, seriously
    <Nimrod>    ok
    <jhurliman>    it's not of any value, and you probably won't make many friends under that name :)
    <Nimrod>    lol, I had money on it
    <jhurliman>    oh really? is it banned right now?
    <Nimrod>    yeah
    <Nimrod>    they put it on hold
    <Nimrod>    then it said the account was disabled
    <jhurliman>    the hold will get released i'm thinking
    <jhurliman>    oh, hm.
    <Nimrod>    If anything, PRIM should be banned lol
    <jhurliman>    yeah you'd think
    <Nimrod>    I actually only used the bot once, and that was with the tester anvil
    <jhurliman>    they probably just looked at the land owner and left
    <Nimrod>    And I fifnd this interesting...
    <Nimrod>    Isn't there a no naming policy in the forums?
    <jhurliman>    yes, you can click the warning sign to report it
    <Nimrod>    yeah, I just searched the forums and reported all of them :-P
    <jhurliman>    but it's kind of pointless since that post isn't going anywhere further
    <jhurliman>    nice
    <Nimrod>    I thought that about the account too
    <Nimrod>    I wonder if I can convince them to just give me the linden that was on it
    <jhurliman>    you might be able to, yeah
    <jhurliman>    since you didn't technically violate the ToS, and you stopped the activity once you were aware lindens were not in approval
    <Nimrod>    Who would I contact?
    <jhurliman>    you would probably have to call billing and get forwarded somewhere i guess
    <Nimrod>    Oh, bleh, ok
    <Nimrod>    Oohh, check Slinsider
    <Nimrod>    I like how they take the actions of one person for the whole group
    <jhurliman>    where at
    <jhurliman>    yeah... ouch. that's why we're preparing a new direction
    <Nimrod>    "eanwhile Prim Revolution, who made the bot -- and was said to be related to the banned W-Hat and V-5 groups -- remained at large in SL, victory-dancing at the site of the already- sold CopyBot parcel."

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    <jhurlima2>    alright, thanks for the help. i am withdrawing my $ from SL right now and will have it whenever the paypal transaction finishes, i think that usually happens thursday or friday
    ===    jhurlima2 <> “John”
    ===    jhurlima2: member of #libsl
    ===    jhurlima2: attached to “ATMAN, Warsaw, Poland”
    ---    End of WHOIS information for jhurlima2.
    <jhurlima2>    so i can paypal you then
    <Nimrod>    I don't have apaypay account
    <Nimrod>    *a paypal
    <Nimrod>    Can't you pay me with the Linden?
    <Nimrod>    Oh yeah, did Prim get the 3.5k for the sale of the parcel from the group land? :-P
    <jhurlima2>    oh, yeah
    <jhurlima2>    no he didn't
    <jhurlima2>    well, i can go back and double-check the account history
    <Nimrod>    OK :-D
    <Nimrod>    That'd pay for the account itself lol, but did you already sell the Linden?
    <jhurlima2>    i can send you lindens as soon as they move out to paypal and i can move $100 back in
    <Nimrod>    Ok, cool
    =-=    jhurlima2 is now known as jhurliman
    <Nimrod>    *sighs and prepares for the hate IMs*
    <jhurliman>    me too
    <Nimrod>    Oy, read this!
    <Nimrod>    [5:09] *** Welcome to Live Help, where our wonderful volunteers assist their fellow Residents with Second Life! ***
Please first check our SL Help Pages by pressing F1.
If your answer isn't there, please enter your question to begin, then allow a few moments for available helpers to respond.
Please don't close Live Help until you're finished. If you don't hear back, you can always try again later.
NOTE: Live Helpers aren't Linden employees, so unless a person responding has the last name 'Linden', answers should be considered unofficial.

[5:09] nimrod Yaffle: There's an object spamming me near my parcel '!quit' How do I report this if I can't find it?
[5:10] Data Linden: Hi, that's a harmless broadcaster, designed to disrupt the shareware copybot's activities. Well-intentioned, but already obsolete and very annoying. Go to chat history (Control-H), find the object's name in the dropdown list at the top, and click Mute.
[5:10] nimrod Yaffle: Yes I know
[5:10] nimrod Yaffle: I wish to report it though
[5:11] nimrod Yaffle: How would I find it to report it?
[5:12] nimrod Yaffle: Hello?
[5:12] Data Linden: Just mute it nimrod, it will be dealt with
[5:13] nimrod Yaffle: How can it be dealt with if you don't know where they exist?
[5:14] nimrod Yaffle: ?
[5:14] Data Linden: We have more then one way for deleting it
[5:15] nimrod Yaffle: Can't I just be able to find it somehow and IM the owner? That way LL doesn't even need to get involved
[5:18] nimrod Yaffle: I guess that's a no
[5:20] Data Linden: If you can find it you can file an abuse report against it
[5:20] nimrod Yaffle: [5:09] nimrod Yaffle: There's an object spamming me near my parcel '!quit' How do I report this if I can't find it?
[5:21] nimrod Yaffle: I believe I asked how to do that about 10 minutes ago
[5:23] nimrod Yaffle: Are you ignoring me now?
[5:28] nimrod Yaffle: Data
[5:28] nimrod Yaffle: ?
    <jhurliman>    heh, they are probably tired of that very quickly
    <jhurliman>    the !quit spammers
    <Nimrod>    Yeah, but there's no way for me to find what's IMing me?
    <jhurliman>    can you click Profile in the IM?
    <jhurliman>    or is it even an IM?
    <Nimrod>    No, it's chat spam
    <Nimrod>    LIke.... 4 messages a second
    <Nimrod>    Oh wtf: [5:30] nimrod Yaffle: Data? Hellp?
[5:30] nimrod Yaffle: *Hello?
[5:32] Second Life: Data Linden has left this session.
    <Nimrod>    O_O
    <Nimrod>    =-= YOU (Nimrod) have been booted from #secondlife by MRY-H96 (Banned)
    <jhurliman>    oh dang
    <Nimrod>    lol
    <Nimrod>    :-/
    <Nimrod>    I dunno if it's worth it, i guess it's too late though