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Timex Classic Watches

timex classic watches
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EDC for paramedic work
EDC for paramedic work
Working as a paramedic requires a streamlined EDC that covers the essentials and skips the superfluous. Here's what I carry: + Extra pair of gloves + Radio holster + Motorola XTS2500 radio (when at work) + Pager + Namebadge with assorted keys, reference cards, and so on. On a clip lanyard. + 3M Littman Master Classic II Stethoscope—a very solid, high-fidelity tool. + Timex analog watch + J.Crew watch band. I won the watch a few years ago from valetmag.com. The watch/band assembly is waterproof and washable. + Pilot G2 pens work well but are cheap; I can lend them without hesitation. + Sharpie is a less-used but important tool. + Rite in the Rain notepad is new; I like the idea, but thus far, I'm not sure if its worth the cost. + Smith & Wesson ExtremeOps First Responder knife was really cheap but has performed well. The pocket clip broke but in my pocket it is still easy to deploy, and the seatbelt cutter and glass punch are useful. + Surefire L4 Lumamax light is small but packs a lot of light. I supplement with a brighter light and/or headlamp in some night time situations. + Maratac trauma shears from CountyComm live up to their marketing. These hold their edge and shape better than any other pair I've owned. + Fossil wallet fits in my front pocket and holds a few cards. Wanting to upgrade this but don't know what I want.
March 2011 Pocket Dump/EDC
March 2011 Pocket Dump/EDC
- Timex Watch - SOG Aegis AE-02 - Keys      - Brewzkey bottle opener      - PocketToolX's Brewzer      - House Key      - Car keys to a Volkswagen Passat and Honda Civic - Blackberry Curve 8900 - Danier Leather Bifold wallet Missing: - 5.5G iPod Video (for when I drive and bus to school) - Sennheiser CX-300 II headphones (for the iPod when I bus) - Domke F-3x RuggedWear bag with camera gear. - Leatherman Fuse (for fishing)

timex classic watches
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