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Casio Pathfinder Atomic Watch

casio pathfinder atomic watch
    atomic watch
  • quartz watch that is controlled by a radio signal from a cesium atomic clock. The result is extremely accurate time that can be measured on instruments. (radio-controlled)
  • The Pathfinder was a Brass Era car built in Indianapolis, Indiana from 1912 to 1917.
  • A person who goes ahead and discovers or shows others a path or way
  • scout: someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
  • An aircraft or its pilot sent ahead to locate and mark the target area for bombing
  • An experimental plan or forecast
  • Pathfinder (original title in Sami: Ofelas and in Norwegian: Veiviseren) is a 1987 Norwegian film, directed by Nils Gaup. The film is based on an old Sami legend. The film inspired a 2007 remake.

Casio Pathfinder
Casio Pathfinder
One of the coolest techno-geeky watches I've seen:) But it really works! Besides the normal timers, alarms and stopwatch features of a normal Casio it also has world time, the ability to synchronize via atomic timekeeping and it recharges with solar power! Plus the main expedition features is it's triple sensor that allows for compass, barometer/thermometer and altimeter readings. The instruction book is the same thickness as a dictionary. This is one of the smaller versions, Casio has released several models, including some that has a rotating compass bezel, moon phases and tide readings for you sea going types:) The band is the most comfortable I've ever worn and I don't really like to wear watches at all. All this in a very normal looking watch!
Casio Pathfinder PAW2000T-7
Casio Pathfinder PAW2000T-7
Such an awesome watch!! Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping Tough Solar Power Duplex LCD 100M Water Resistant Titanium band Digital Compass / Altimeter / Barometer / Thermometer World Time: 48 cities Countdown Timer

casio pathfinder atomic watch
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