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  • (Star Sports) STAR TV Sports is a cable sports network owned by STAR TV and ESPN. It shows sports programs. In partnership with ESPN, its corporate name is ESPN STAR TV Sports. They are the official Asian station of the English Premier League.
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Star City Motor Sports - the "model" showroom
Star City Motor Sports - the "model" showroom
I had a rather unique opportunity to go into the Star City Motor Sports showroom and get up on a scissor lift to take shots. This gave me a completely different perspective and the chance to create some one-of-a-kind shots for them. The tilt shift effect is, of course, faked. But I think it works well here.
All-Star Sports, Football
All-Star Sports, Football
Last night of my trip, I took some resort shots. This one was among my favorite. Touchdown! Football Building Disney's All-Star Sports Resort Walt Disney World

watch star sport online
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