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Rectangle Face Watch

rectangle face watch
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Allow your eyes to follow the reflections of time, to a different alternative reality; A deeper dimension, one perhaps you have always just; known was there. A place where everyday items, are just a little different. Where right and left, are mere reflections of themselves. Parallel Dimensions with a twist. After all, some screws turn left, and some screws turn right. From above the top of the world, It spins one way, From below the other. And which way do the hands revolve on a watch? What about watches... They measure time, or do they only measure, our interpretations thereof ? Couldn't they have evolved many ways? Couldn't the winding stem on old watches be on the back ? As clocks on the old worlde, Always used to wind. And what defines the front, the back, or the side? Just had to parody a Twilight Zone intro, gives one pause to contemplate... These side by side reflections of a wrist watch that does in fact wind from the back, I just had to share, images of this old watch as it relates to possible paths that could have been taken by pop Humanity, the road barely travelled. Would love to get more information about this watch, it has my curiosity afire. Here is what I know about it; The manufacturer's name is "Jeager Le Coultre" It is marked 18k and .750. These numbers obviously denote the purity of the Gold used in the manufacturing of the watch case. There are also engraved several symbols such as a skeleton key within which is a 3. There is also engraved a horizontal rectangle with a slash mark moving from below to intersect the rectangle, as well as forming the fraction 4/10 just below the bar. There is engraved as well a fir tree with the initials of the company on either side of the top of tree, also there is a silhouette of a person facing to the left. Of course the fact that the winding and time setting stem are on the back of the watch seems to be the most unusual aspect , however there is also the fact that the back is held on by two tiny gold screws, as well as a slightly heavier screw that mounts the center of the winding stem. One of the tiny screws is easily seen on one side of the back, but the other screw is partially hidden beneath the winding nob, this is visible if you look to the right image and look under the edge of the winding stem . Should mention there are jewels in the mountings of the works as well, although no where does it list the number of jewels. It has a six digit serial number with a large capital A beneath the #. If you have the time, and know something about the design and concepts of a Back Winding timepiece, I would love to get that information as well as any other details about this watch. It looks like it is perhaps from the 1930's or 1940's and yes, it is still ticking.
The Cameo
The Cameo
I should point out that the problems that the people are discussing in the notes on the photograph have never, to my knowledge, occurred in the Cameo, which has first-rate projectionists. Later in the discussion on the message board, a projectionist calling himself Marxthedude explained precisely what the cause of the problem is, if you're interested: "Ok, I'm a projectionist who has worked with this film so I can solve this one, kara-henry. 'Burn After Reading' is filmed as 'open frame' which means all the frames in the reels have areas of picture which should not be visible when projected. Namely the frames are square and the picture projected through what is called an aperture plate (a metal rectangle plate) would crop off these areas so it is rectangle (and doesn't show through the black felt around the screen known as masking!) When the film is started (or after a breakdown which sounds like what happened here) the projectionist should check the image is 'racked' correctly, namely CENTRAL. That's pretty easy to see by studying a minute or so of the film. Are heads being cxropped off ?(too high) Are boom mikes visible or actor's close up's visibly top heavy with lower face missing? (too low). This is VERY shoddy of your local cinema! Not only were you seeing an area of the image you should'nt have but as a result the bottom of the frame was cropped off too! Sumerise the above and insist repeat INSIST on getting your money back! "

rectangle face watch
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