Nylon Watch Band Strap

nylon watch band strap
    watch band
  • The Watch are a progressive rock band heavily influenced by 70s Genesis.
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my 173 w/zulu
my 173 w/zulu
Finally. It took long enough to get here, let alone win a legit complete auction. I wanted a black dial and black bezel diver, and my main options were a 007 and a 173(007 w/round markers is asian market in both singapore and japanese movement, 173 w/square markers is north american and singapore movement). I could have chosen some other watches and swapped bezels, such as a 171 so I can have a poor mans marine master, but I like the flat and painted dials since they have a bit more of a military look than the classier raised ones. I preferred the square markers, despite losing jdm movement. I won this domestically on ebay with box and paperwork from the original owner. Z22 strap had snapped though, so I have a new Z22, Jubilee, and nylon Seiko bund band on order from Singapore. I'll mostly have the zulu on, swap between bund/rubber, and steel for formal occasions. I was planning on a complete MKII make over, but I decided all I'm gonna do is change the date wheel to one with Kanji, and use sword hands. Subtle changes that enthusiasts will still appreciate, while still being accessible to the general public. Yes, my watch will have quite a bit of an identity crisis, but so will my other wrist once I have my tattoo sorted out.
Vintage Seiko 17 Jewel Manual Wind
Vintage Seiko 17 Jewel Manual Wind
© Chrissy Avila Photography all rights reserved This timepiece is possibly from the 50's maybe older. Looks rough due to the aged dial , but it works like a charm. A dial refinish is possible , but the old look adds to the feel of this vintage timepiece.

nylon watch band strap
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