IAEA Fælles konvention fra SIS' hjemmeside

AarhuskonventionenÅrhuskonventionen giver offentligheden adgang til oplysninger om, og medvirken i beslutningsprocesser om lokale, nationale og internationale miljøsager. Det har fokus på samarbejdet mellem offentligheden og offentlige myndigheder

Teksten på flere sprog på UNECE

The objective of this first round table was to analyze relevant experiences and new processes by answering the following questions:

- How, can citizens, get the data they need to understand the nuclear waste management issues? How can they in their turn inform about the follow-up processes by producing their own knowledge? How different is information on low level, medium level and high level waste? (session 1)

- What are the conditions to take part to the decision-making processes on nuclear waste? How to link local level participation with national level decision? In the prospect of a long-term waste management, is there a sense to organise trans-generational participation? (Session 2)