Welcome to ATN Reading Lists

Welcome to ATN Reading Lists. ATN Reading Lists was started in 1996 as part of a librarian collaborative project, All Together Now, begun by Dale Copps. The intention was that librarians could not only use this resource but contribute to it as well. At that time, there were several of us who began web sites and hoped that we could use this fairly new technology as a place to share and collaborate. As well intended as the goal was, it soon became apparent that the vision was really not viable at that time. Dale handed the list over to Nancy Keane in 1999.

ATN Book Lists has grown significantly since its birth in 1996 and now there are over 2,000 lists on the site! This has made keeping the index manageable a cumbersome task. Keeping the lists up to date is even harder. Some of the original lists are now very outdated. Our original goal of a librarian collaborative is came to be in 2006 when the site migrated to wikispaces. By using Wikispaces, the lists were updated, added to, deleted from, corrected, etc., by librarians all over the world. How exciting is that!!

Wikispaces has announced that they are closing the site in 2018. It is hard for us to say goodbye to this amazing site but the time is now to move ATN Reading Lists once more to a new home.

We are in the process of migrating the lists and it might take some time. In the meantime, you can look at the wikispaces site and simply click on the links in the navigation sidebar on the left. It is hoped that you will feel free to help maintain the ATN reading lists so that they will be valuable to all. ALL TOGETHER NOW!

To request editing permission, fill out the form. I will add members as they come in.  

Questions or comments can be sent to Nancy Keane at nancy@nancykeane.com