Arthur P. Tomasino, PhD
Information Systems Research
Charlotte, North Carolina 28269
Phone: 978-607-7452
E-mail: atmsno56@gmail.com


I am actively researching Information System (IS) .management and development. My recent research has focused on Inter-organizational Coordination Hubs. I am also using and investigating new applications for Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA). For example I am working with Oregon State University on a new application of fsQCA to uncover the chemical compounds causing red fruit flavor an aroma. Initial research was presented at the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting (august 2017).
My IS research is in  IT-enabled inter-organizational collaborations. I have developed a unique Episodic Dynamical Information System (EDIS) model and method for the study of the emergence of unanticipated IS characteristics that undermine managers' ability to predict and manage IS development. My research addresses the complexity of IS arising from the inter-relationship, interaction, and inter-connectivity of the elements in the Information Systems and its environment. I use Chaos and Complexity Theory as a framework for my research and Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis  for analytic analysis.
Prior to my doctoral studies I worked as a technology consultant investigating future information technology for the military and for many years as a consultant in the semiconductor industry. I was the founder and Vice President of Engineering for one of the industry’s highest growth design services companies and held various management positions at prominent semiconductor companies. In addition to my academic pursuits I am the principal clarinetist for the Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra and love spending time with my family, playing golf, and travelling.

I teach undergraduate and graduate (executive and professional MBA) courses in Business Process Systems and Management. My courses include advanced business process modeling and simulation. I also teach the use and configuration of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning software to address how organizations manage and control processes.