WEDNESDAY, December 10th
Check-In / Registration and Continental Breakfast
Introductions Anthony Wexler, UC Davis  and  Donna Reid, UC Davis

SESSION 1 PEROXYS - HO2 and RO2                                                                               Session Chair: Dwayne Heard, University of Leeds

9:15    Where We Are in Predicting HOx
Andreas Hofzumahaus, Jülich ResearchCenter

9:35     HOx Radical Chemistry During CalNex-LA: Measurements and Model                      Comparisons                                                                                                                                               Philip S. Stevens, Indiana University

9:50   Peroxy Radical Isomerisation and Hydroxyl Radical Recycling in Isoprene                   Oxidation: Upgraded Mechanism LIM1                                                                                          Jozef Peeters, University of Leuven

10:05  Experimental Constraints on the Distribution and Fate of Peroxy Radicals                  Formed in Reactions of Isoprene + OH + O2                                                                                 John Crounse, Caltech

10:25 Q&A

10:45   Break

11     Chemistry of Isoprene Hydroxy Hydroperoxides (ISOPOOH)                                             Frank Keutsch, University of  Wisconsin Madison

11:20  Absorption Cross-Sections for Hydroxyl Radical Production from Photolysis           of RO2 Radicals                                                                                                                                         Robert Hansen, University of Leeds

11:35   Q&A

12          Lunch

1:30     Hydroxyl Production Associated with Peroxy Radical Reactions                                   Geoff Tyndall, NCAR

1:50     New Product Yields of Simple Model Peroxy Radical Reactions                                       Leah G. Dodson, Caltech

2:05    Temperature-Dependent Kinetics Studies of the HO2 and Acetyl Peroxy                   Radical Reaction                                                                                                                                     Aileen Oyama Hui, Caltech/JPL

2:20   An Indirect HO2 Measurement Method Using Chemical Ionization Mass                     Spectrometry (CIMS) for the Study of Peroxy Radical Fate
         Nga Lee Ng, Georgia Tech

2:35   Q&A

3   Break & Poster Viewing

3:30   RO2 Isomerization and the Formation of Extremely Low-Volatility Organic             Vapors: Implications for New Particle Formation and Secondary Organic                 Aerosol Mass
        Joel Thornton, University of Washington

3:50   Modeling the Auto-Oxidation of Cyclohexene Ozonolysis Products                              Theo Kurten, University of Helsinki

4:10  Methane Oxidation from the Surface to the Mesosphere                                                  Domenico Taraborrelli, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

4:25   Q&A

5-7   Reception & Poster Viewing

THURSDAY, December 11th

Nitrogen Oxide Chemistry in Earth’s Atmosphere: Perspectives Based on Optical Spectroscopy from Aircraft and Satellites                                                                           Ron Cohen, UC Berkeley

SESSION 2 NITROGEN - Organic and Inorganic                                                                        Session Chairs: Deborah Luecken, U.S. EPA  and  Paul Wennberg, Caltech

8:45   Cavity Ringdown Studies of the Temperature Dependent Product Yields of              the OH + NO2 and HO2 + NO Reactions                                                                                        Mitchio Okumura, Caltech

9:05  Understanding HONO Concentrations, Its Role as a Hydroxyl Radical Source          and the Impact on Summertime Ozone Production in London
         Lisa Whalley, University of Leeds

9:25    HONO Formation - Updates on the Zeppelin Project                                                           Franz Rohrer, Forschungszentrum Jülich

9:45     Gas-Phase Reactions of NO3 Radicals with Oxygenated VOCs Benedicte                    Picquet-Varrault, Université de Paris

10:05   Break

10:20  The Fate and Role of Organic Nitrates                                                                                            Jean-François Müller, Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

10:40 On the Role of Biogenic Nitrate Chemistry in Nitrogen Cycling                                      Eleanor C. Browne, MIT

10:55   Computational Advances for Improving Our Understanding of Important                   NOy Formation and Decay Processes in the Atmosphere
           John Barker, University of Michigan

11:10   New Insights into the Atmospheric Degradation of Amides from                                  PTR-ToF-MS Measurements and Computational Studies Studies                                   Armin Wisthaler, University of Oslo

11:25   On the Mechanisms Linking Nitrogen Oxides to Trends in Ammonium                       Nitrate Aerosol Over the Last Decade in the San Joaquin Valley
            Sally E. Pusede, NASA Langley and UC Berkeley

11:40   Q&A

12:00   Lunch

1:15   PLENARY TALK No 2
Research Frontiers in the Chemistry of Criegee Intermediates and Tropospheric Ozonolysis Carl Percival, University of Manchester

SESSION 3 ORGANICS-LowVolatility,Aromatics,CriegeeIntermediates
Session Chairs: Ian Barnes, Universität Wuppertal, Zhongming Chen, Peking University, V. Faye McNeill, Columbia University and  Andrew Rickard, University of York

2       Laboratory and Chamber Studies of the Fate of Stabilized Criegee                                  Intermediates Under Atmospheric Conditions                                                                          William Bloss, University of Birmingham

2:20  Recent Advances in Quantum Chemical Predictions of the Atmospheric                     Reactivity of Criegee Intermediates                                                                                              Keith Kuwata, Macalester College

2:40  Evaluation of Aromatic Oxidation Reactions in Seven Chemical Mechanisms          with an Outdoor Chamber                                                                                                                   William Vizuete, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Gas-Phase Oxidation Mechanisms for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)     John Wenger, University College Cork

3:20  Break

3:35  Observations of the Dynamic Mechanisms Controlling Organic Partitioning             and Evolution: Investigating One Compound at a Time
         Jacqui Hamilton, University of York

3:55  Linking the Statistical Oxidation Model to SAPRC to Account for Multi-                    Generational SOA Chemistry                                                                                                             Christopher Cappa, UC Davis

4:15  Overview of Recent Theoretical Calculations of Aromatic Chemistry                              Luc Vereecken, Max Planck Institute

4:35   Recent Work on Aromatic Compounds                                                                                       Liming Wang, South China University of Technology

4:55  Q&A

FRIDAY, December 12th

8       A Simple Method to Estimate and Evaluate VOC + OH Rate Constants                        Richard T. Lidster, University of York

8:15  Detection of Highly Oxygenated Organics from Monoterpene Oxidation in a         Boreal Forest and in Chamber Experiments                                                                             Siegfried Schobesberger, University of Helsinki

8:30  Identifying Organic Chemical Reaction Regimes in Regional Models for                      Mechanism Reduction                                                                                                                        Kristina Wagstrom, University of Connecticut – Storrs

8:45  Investigation of Low Vapor Pressure Volatile Organic Compound (LVP-VOC)             Atmospheric Availability and Reactivity                                                                                      David R. Cocker III, UC Riverside

9     Unexpected High Yield of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Ozonolysis of α-Pinene at         Different Relative Humidity                                                                                                             Huan Li, Peking University

9:15  The Reaction of Stabilized Criegee Intermediates with Water Vapor and                     Sulfur Dioxide – New Insights from In-Situ Measurements of Hydroperoxide           Products in the Chamber and Atmosphere                                                                                  Tran B. Nguyen, Caltech

9:30  Chemical Characterization of Gas- and Aerosol-Phase Products from                         Isoprene Ozonolysis in Presence of Acidic Aerosol: Re-Examination of                         Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation                                                                                        Matthieu Riva, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

9:45   Temperature Dependent Product Yields of Isoprene Ozonolysis:                                   Methacrolein, Methyl Vinyl Ketone, Formaldehyde, OH and HO2 Radicals
          Iustinian Bejan, University of Leeds

10   Q&A

10:15  Break

SESS 4   SUMMARY  State of the ScienceFuture Research Needs                        Regulatory Implications                                                                                                         CHAIR: Ajith Kaduwela, California Air Resources Board

10:30  Intercontinental Transport and Ozone Policy: Implications for Chemical                      Mechanism Development                                                                                                                    Richard Derwent, rdScientific

10:50  Thoughts on the Current State and Future of Gas-Phase Atmospheric                         Chemical Mechanism Development
          William C. Carter, UC Riverside

11:10  Emerging Energy Technology and Its Implications for Air Quality                                 Merched Azzi,, CSIRO Energy Flagship

11:30   TBA

11:50   Direct Measurements of Ozone Sensitivity to NOx and VOC Concentrations            in California                                                                                                                                              Michael Kleeman, UC Davis

12:10   Future Atmospheric Chemical Mechanism Development Needs                                    Ajith Kaduwela, California Air Resources Board

12:30   Q&A