The ATM Informer originated as a private spin off from the Postal Mechanisation Study Circle's Newsletter. My fear was that the quantity of material coming my way could swamp the main areas of postal mechanisation in that journal. Therefore, I thought it would be prudent to commence a dedicated newsletter for this relatively new area of collecting in the UK.

The ATM Informer was launched in January 2013 and is distributed electronically. It will include news, articles, pictures and background to the use of Wincor-Nixdorf and Hytech kiosks in the UK but it is the intention to widen the scope to other systems used in the UK and to the odd item on overseas systems and usage.

However, the Wincors and the Hytechs are now just about no more (March 2015). Most kiosks are NCR in origin with Royal Mail Series 2 units at exhibitions and some museums. 

There are a number of ways to obtain a copy. These are:
e-mail: pmechuk@gmail.com and request a copy.
Down load directly from this site.

Unfortunately, I do not produce hard copy versions.

It is hoped that this newsletter will be published on a monthly basis subject to what items and information comes my way. I would welcome contributions, data, jpeg images, articles, etc from anyone primarily on the scene in the British Isles (includes Eire, Jersey and Guernsey) but I am willing to consider include material from other countries.

This particular (part) site has reached its limit. Therefore I have had to extend it by way of an additional site which may be entered by clicking on the link: