You're Getting Married?
You have a lot to do, so let me help you plan the music!    
Here's an easy guide.


  • Make a table with two columns. In the first column list the milestones that will take place in your ceremony, in order (common milestones shown below in Red). In the second column write a song title next to each milestone you want set to music. See my Repertoire page for some common selections.
  • Choose songs that are meaningful, but remember:  if you request popular music under copyright additional fees may apply. Classical music is always free!
  • Solo violin has an intimate sound. If you expect more than 75 guests, consider asking me to invite more players. I have many talented associates!
  • Designate someone you trust who is not participating in the ceremony to organize the entrances and cue me when to play.
  • Expect me to stand where I can clearly see all entrance points.
  • If the venue is outdoors, have a backup plan! I can't perform in rain, cold or high wind.

Before the ceremony I might play a Prelude- 20-30 minutes of music to entertain your guests as they arrive. Any music is appropriate, but pleasant, relaxing selections work best.  

Your ceremony may start with:
    • The Seating of the Mothers and/or Grandmothers. I'll play something light and serene. 
    • The Entrance of the Groom (and Groomsmen, and Officiant). Some feel this entrance should happen in silence...others choose a light march or fanfare.
    • The Entrance of the Bridal Party. This is usually the longest entrance, so selections that are easy to loop, like Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach and the Canon in D by Pachelbel, are very popular.
When all the other ceremony participants are in place I'll begin the Bridal Processional - a celebratory fanfare as the bride walks down the aisle! The Bridal Chorus by Wagner and Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke are common selections.

Your ceremony may have an Interlude, Meditation or Unity observance- I can enhance these moments with contemplative music.

As the ceremony closes and participants exit I'll play the Recessional. The Wedding March by Mendelssohn and the Hornpipe in D by Handel are favorites, but there are many others!

I'll play a brief Postlude- one or two songs to entertain your guests as they depart.


The guidelines above describe Western marriage traditions; if you're planning a wedding in another tradition, or if you want a ceremony as unique as you are, I can accommodate you!


Live music adds a chic, distinctive and memorable quality to your reception or cocktail hour. Let me entertain your guests with light classical, cabaret, Broadway, jazz or popular standards while they enjoy drinks and hors d'ouevres...or trust me to keep your guests dancing all night long!


Have you found a picaresque venue? A fun and funky caterer? A brilliant photographer? Find some of the finest local wedding service providers in my Parallel Services section.

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