Team Members
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Bino Paul G. D. (Associate Professor, TISS), an economist with an interest on the theoretical aspects of growth and its implications for labour market.


Kishore Bhirdikar is Research officer, Completed his  M.Phil from Pune University. He is currently working on issues related to transitions in labour market and informal sector labour.    


Shaoni Shabnam is Research Officer, completed her M.Phil. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and is currently working on the issues related to entrepreneurship and micro finance.


Pathan J. I. is Research Officer at ATLMRI. He completed M A in Sociology from Shivaji University. Since 1987 he has been involved in various research on health, education, community development and labour market related projects for the purpose of data collection through surveys, qualitative interviews and secondary data with government and private sector offices.


Ramesh V is Intern at ATLMRI, is currently involved in data collection in Karanatka. He has been involved in various research on health, micro finance, Panchayat raj.


K Purandaran

is research intern at ATLMRI, cmpleted Masters in Applied Psychology from Madras University. His research interest include occupational choices, consumer decision making process and he is presently involved in the study of retail market.



Former Staff


Sony Pellissery (Research Associate)

Indu K. (Research Officer)

Vaithegi B. (Research Officer)

Anupama Sughosh (Research Officer)

Asha Gopalkrishnan (Research Officer)

Moumita Bhattacharjee (Intern)

Milly Sil (Intern)