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ATLMRI’s research is focused around a variety of issues of labour market in the Indian context. More particularly how globalisation requires new forms of the organisation of work, labour standards, practices within competitive economy that requires new skills are examined through different streams of ATLMRI research. The team brings out quarterly updates on the labour market situation in India. First report titled ‘Indian Labour Market in Transition: Setting the tone for employability’ was released in April, 2007. Findings of the ATLMRI research are disseminated through the Discussion Papers.


Currently, at ATLMRI five streams of research are taking place:


Ø      Inter-state comparison of sector-wise employment generation and economic growth

Ø      Flexibility of Indian labour market with respect to the legal framework

Ø      Skill gaps in various sectors particularly in retail sector;

Ø      Employability and decent work practices in the context of new organisation of labour, Vocational training and education for the creation of employable labour force.


Some of these research streams are focused on particular states and regions within India. Labour Market Laboratory: ATLMRI’s research agenda is evidence-based. For this purpose the labour market laboratory of ATLMRI collects primary data on emergent issues in the labour market, and analyses secondary data collected from national and state level  for various research purposes. The team develops appropriate methods of data collection, and tools for analysis to make labour related research relevant in the context of rapidly changing labour economy. 


Future plans


Labour Market Information Cell: One of the core objectives of ATLMRI is to bridge the gap of information between employment seeking individuals and skill seeking employers.