Discussion Papers

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         Discussion paper 1 Indian Labour Market in Transition: Setting the Tone for Employ ability

Discussion paper 2 Employability: Concepts, Indicators & Practices

Discussion paper 3 Jobless growth to inclusive growth bless Growtho Iclusive Growth: Employability as an  Alternative Planning Strategy

Discussion Paper 4  A Social Enterprise for Employability Enhancement: A business plan

        Discussion Paper 5 Contemporary Issues on Labour Law Reforms in India: An Overview

      Discussion Paper 6 Educational Attainment of Youth and Indian Labour Market: An Exploration through Data 

        Discussion Paper 7 Employment in Retail Sector: A comparison of organized and unorganized retail  

      Discussion Paper 8 Employability in Small Scale Sector


     ATLMRI India Labour Market Monthly Review vol 1, issue 1, May 2009

     ATLMRI India Labour Market Monthly Review vol 1, Issue 2, June 2009 

     ATLMRI India Labour Market Monthly Review vol 1, Issue 3, July 2009