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what needs to be done

posted Jun 22, 2009, 7:43 AM by R. Brett Rosson   [ updated Jun 23, 2009, 9:21 AM ]
    Well that was a rough series. We played great the first game. Got out dueled the second and cheated the last. That no-call strike was right down the middle and even J.D. Drew thought he should have been rung up. It's nice to see a little fire out of the guys. I hope something can be and will be done about that umpire because like Chipper said it looked like he was looking for a fight. He knew he missed the call and had a short fuse because of it, but there were other spots in that game where the Braves had their chances.
    Why Bobby keeps putting Jeff Francoeur in there is beyond me. It's clear that if the Braves want to do something about this division they need to get that bat for the outfield, and start playing Martin Prado everyday. That kid can hit. If the Braves were to get another bat, the lineup should look as follows:

    1. Nate McLouth
    2. Yunel Escobar
    3. Chipper Jones
    4. Big outfield bat
(preferably right handed)
    5. Brian McCann
    6. Garrett Anderson
    7. Martin Prado
    8. Casey Kotchman
    9. Pitcher

    That is a pretty solid team. For those of you Garrett Anderson hater, he has been coming around lately. He has had a .300+ average the last month and is doing the little things right on the offensive side. I realize he is a bit of a risk out in the field but I will take a good hitter in an outfield that desperately needs it. Like I've said before, I personally think that if we can not acquire that big bat we need to send Frenchy down. A platoon of Anderson/Diaz and B. Jones/Diaz is better than having Francoeur out there full time. This however, is not the main purpose of this entry. I wanted to discuss the possible options the Braves have to fill that void. Here is my list:
  •      Jermaine Dye - he has a price tag that comes with him, but he is that big bat that the Braves severely need. He is hitting for a decent average, has 15 hr, 39 rbis, and a ops of over .800 which would be a huge upgrade for our outfield.
  •     Jeremy Hermida - he is putting together a pretty decent year. (.266/.345/8 hrs and 29 rbis). He would be cheap, and if I'm not mistaken he will be under contract for a couple of years which would be nice.
  •     Jose Guillen - not a bad alternative to frenchy seeings how the Royals are stills suposedly interested in him. Jose Guillen's numbers are .266/.353/8 hrs/33 rbis. The only reason I dont think this will happen is because of the amount of money he is due. If the Royals would be willing to take on some of Guillen's salary, it definitely could happen.
  •     David DeJesus - not my first pick, but same story as Jose Guillen could happen if Royals really are interested in Francoeur. His numbers are .245/.295/5 hrs/31 rbis. Basically their version of Francoeur and making basically the same amount. Could be a good bench guy if they end up making another trade to get a better bat, but that would be unlikely.
  •     Magglio Ordonez - hes not shown the power numbers of recent years but is still hitting for avg. Maybe a change of scenery is just the thing he needs. Of course he comes with a high price tag as well and the Tigers would have to take on a little bit of it for it to work for the Braves, but I think he would be a plus over Frenchy. I think it would be a no brainer to go after him if they decide to release him.

    Of course we could have another deal like we had for Nate McLouth. It was something that was put together in a few days and didn't have any time for the media to leak out rumors. For what it's worth, the Braves were in talks with the Florida Marlins in acquiring Hermida. They offered Francoeur and Morton before the McLouth trade went down. As far as planning for the future, the Braves best option, IMO, may be to continue the pursuit of Hermida. If they are somehow able to complete the deal here's what the future lineup for the Braves could be for a couple years...

    1. Jordan Schafer CF
    2. Yunel Escobar SS
    3. Chipper Jones 3B
    4. Jeremy Hermida LF
    5. Brian McCann C
    6. Nate McLouth RF
    7. Martin Prado 2B
    8. Casey Kotchman 1B
    9. Pitcher

Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Talk about an outfield that can go get it. This will allow Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward to continue to develop down in the minors. They are definately the future at the respective positions. Maybe, by this time next year if we are struggling in areas we will be able to trade Hermida or Kotchman away knowing we have viable options.