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what a joke

posted Jul 30, 2009, 5:15 AM by R. Brett Rosson
    June 21 in Boston. That's all I have to say and people remember that pitch that was right down the middle called for a ball. They remember that J.D. Drew drove the next pitch into the gap and drove the go ahead run in. They remember the home plate umpire mouthing off to Braves pitcher Eric O'flaherty. They remember the umpire tossing out O'flaherty, Chipper Jones, and Bobby Cox in the span of about ten minutes. It takes a lot for Chipper to get to the point of being saying something that could get him tossed. In this instance he didn't even really deserve to be tossed. He said after the game he didn't swear at the umpire, but just told him to stay behind the plate and to not go looking for a confrontation which is exactly what the umpire was looking for and got. It made me furious then and I am still furious looking back at it. Something should have been done by MLB to that umpire for his actions.
    July 29 in Florida. This marks the first game where home plate umpire, Bill Hohn, was manning the dish since the incident in Boston. Was there any residual effect? Wow, I think so. Throughout the entire game Bill Hohn had been calling a very inconsistent game. In the 8th inning, Marlins pitcher had walked Chipper on four straight and then started B-mac off with two more balls. The next pitch started the big controversary last night. It was a pitch in the opposite batter's box called for a strike. All the replays show it. It's clear it was a ball and it rightly upset Brian. McCann proceded to ground into a double play during the same at bat and continued to have some words of wisdom for the ump. What happened next I've never seen. During a 2-2 count, home plate umpire Bill Hohn stopped the game and walked over to the Braves dugout. Bobby Cox being the manager he is, he came out to meet the umpire to help protect his players. You could read his lips telling Hohn to go back and call the game. Hohn proceded to take out his line up card for no apparent reason as to intise another confrontation. Bobby of course got aggravated and was eventually tossed. During the middle of the inning B-mac was tossed as well for asking if Hohn would "at least admit he missed the call." Again, Hohn raised his voice and tossed out Brian. Cox refused to make a comment after the game which was probably the smart decision.

    I can't believe that an umpire can act in this way. It is his job to call a game, not go looking to throw people out. Sure, players/coaches are going to get upset with a call you make. But damn, you shouldn't go looking for an arguement like Bill Hohn has twice this year against the Braves. MLB needs to do something about this and should look at whether or not he should be a professional umpire. I mean when you miss a call that BAD and then you go out of your way to throw someone out, it's crazy. I sincerely hope that the commisioner or whoever is in charge of umpire behavior takes a look at these two games. Something needs to be done.