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in case you didn't know

posted Jul 13, 2009, 3:51 PM by R. Brett Rosson   [ updated Jul 14, 2009, 8:04 AM ]
    FRENCHY WAS FINALLY TRADED! Yes that's right, if you have been sleeping in a cave in a foreign country you may not know but Jeff Francoeur was traded. Most Braves fans knew it within an hour. He was traded to, yes division RIVAL, the New York Mets for Ryan Church. Church is a solid player. He is a plus defender and will give you QUALITY at bats. In his first couple games he has shown this. Working the counts deep getting solid contact is what this kid is all about. I think thats enough said there but let me just say it again. FRENCHY IS GONE!
    Vazquez and Soriano snuffed not once, not twice but three times from being an all star. Vazquez did leave the road trip early to go have an MRI. He has a strained abdominal so he wouldn't been able to pitch during the All-Star game anyways, but the man deserves to at least get a little recognition. Two injuries have lead to two replacement players. Did the two studs for our pitching squad make it? NOPE. I'll let the numbers do the talking.
  • Replacements
    • Zach Duke
      • ERA - 3.29/ W - 8/ L - 8/ SO - 65
    • Trevor Hoffman
      • ERA - 2.05/ W - 1/ L - 1/ SO - 20/ S - 20
  • Braves Pitchers
    • Javier Vazquez
      • ERA - 2.95/ W - 6/ L- 7/ SO - 136
    • Rafael Soriano
      • ERA - 1.48/ W - 1/ L - 1/ SO - 58/ S - 12
You tell me the reasons why these two pitchers were picked over our guys? I can't see it. Clearly, I must be blinded and one sided because I'm seeing overwhelming facts that they should be in there...
    It's the All-Star break now. We are 6.5 games out of first place. We have been worse off. We were 9.5 games out at the break when we first started out 14 consecutive streak.

P.S. I just bought my tickets to the game this friday. They will be retiring Greg Maddux's jersey. Can't wait! It should be a special night!