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Welcome to the ATLAS International Humanitarian Law Recommendations' Website     

This website provides useful information on the different topics discussed in the IHL Recommendations and the Explanatory Report developed within the framework of the European Union funded project ATLAS

The IHL Recommendations are a set of twenty five recommendations on International Humanitarian Law addressed to the European Union with the aim of promoting an open and constructive dialogue on the role of the European Union in the promotion and implementation of IHL. They provide a common ground to academics and practitioners to discuss the ways available to the EU institutions to enhance decision and policy-making with the aim of achieving full compliance with IHL.

The Recommendations address the following five IHL-related fields:

  • General Recommendations
  • The role of the European Union in the prevention of conflicts and violations of International Humanitarian Law
  • The participation of the European Union in Armed Conflicts
  • Applicable Law, Criminal Accountability, Civil Liability, and Jurisdictions in Armed Conflicts
  • Protection of Vulnerable Population and Cultural Property
  • The Role of the European Union in Post-Conflict situations

The set of recommendations was developed by a working group in International Humanitarian Law and was discussed with academics and practitioners from several international organizations during a round-table taking place in Brussels on October 20, 2010. 

This event provided an adequate framework to academics and practitioners in International Humanitarian to establish an open dialogue on the current challenges the European Unions is facing in implementing and applying IHL in both policy-making and field intervention. Additionally, the round table helped developing innovative and creative solutions that will certainlycontribute to increase compliance and effectiveness of International Humanitarian Law by EU members states, the European Union and third countries.

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