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Atlas Door Repair

atlas door repair
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A Miracle? Fixing A Major Car Fault In Record 1.5 Hours!
A Miracle? Fixing A Major Car Fault In Record 1.5 Hours!
[IMG_2849] Miraculously, merely 1.5 hours after the 2nd break down, our vehicle (the white van on the right) was fixed and capable to be on the move again! This picture captured the moment when our transport was resurrected. The story was that our driver disappeared off to find a local car mechanics to "repair" the car on the spot (yes, the vehicle didn't even need to check into a garage!). The transmission shaft was pushed back into position, missing/damaged parts replaced and screws tighten up... As if to prove the vehicle's "road worthiness", our driver deliberately drove the vehicle uphill and then down again on the opposite side of the road with apparent ease. He then opened the door right in front of us and urged us to get back into the vehicle! I recall a sense of dis-belief, bewilderment, fear and frustration due lack of alternative transportation among fellow traveller all happening at the same time as we broad the vehicle again. Can we rely on this vehicle to take us through the High Atlas safely? For those who wonder what the 3rd break down was all about, unfortunately, there was no photographic record as it happened very quickly in a moving vehicle, and in near total darkness up the mountains. I am happy to provide an animated oral presentation for those interested!
Old Exxon station, 1200 block West Tucumcari Blvd. 2009
Old Exxon station, 1200 block West Tucumcari Blvd. 2009
Decent example of an early 1960's station which started out as a HUMBLE in 1961 and switched to the ENCO brand the following year as did all Humble stations in TX, OK, NM and AZ; selling ENCO (regular) and ENCO EXTRA gasolines out of three or four pumps under the canopy on the right hand side, along with ENCO EXTRA and ENCO UNIFLO motor oils, plus ATLAS tires, batteries and accessories. It was one of four stations in Tucumcari where motorists could pull in to PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK! (ENCO EXTRA gasoline). The doors on the left were service bays for washing, lubrication, tires, minor repairs and other services. Above the service bays read the words "Happy Motoring!" In 1972, this station made the name change to EXXON as did all other ESSO and ENCO stations in the U.S. Like so many other service stations along U.S. 66 through Tucumcari, business went down following the completion of I-40 to the south in 1981 and ultimately shut down a few years later. Today, there are no EXXON stations to be found in Tucumcari or the immediate surrounding area.

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