2017 dawns brightly - ASM is 10 years old - And here's why we still go to the beach!

A beautiful early May day - 2017

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Celebrate Kiernan Surfing Association's (NJ) 50th -

September 18-19-20, 2015

Ted Brantley - Classic winter shot, January 1974, Kiernan Ave, Ray Cuneff photo, courtesy Gary Germain

Tight tube - forty one years later - Belmar Pro - September 15, 2015

2014 - We had a great time!  July 26th at ASM, Wall, NJ!  See us next summer!

Tyler Thompson - Deep in!

Tyler Thompson

Will at Mersman Furniture

Will Somers - 2012

The Atlantic has Waves (100 foot in Nazare Portugal) and in the US from Maine to Florida

The definitive Hurricane Bill video from Ruggles Ave., Newport, RI

Newport, RI, 2009

Some surfers face Hurricane Sandy in Florida!

Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy

Thank you to 
Steve Sarafian providing Atlantic Surfing Museum with videos and pictures!

Leslie - Manasquan NJ Sept 7-8, 2012
Check out some videos From Atlantic Surfing Museum Dive and Surf Party and the 2012 SEA Paddle around NYC!

Atlantic Surfing Museum - Dive and Surf Party

Courtesy of NJ Surfer.com

 Latest NJ updates: Well, we are pleased to announce that the Atlantic Surfing Museum site in Wall, NJ is now open Sunday afternoons 1-5 pm  .   Please check this link for updated pictures of progress!  Museum site in Wall, NJ                         Memories of Hurricane Bill - Jacksonville Pier, FL

 This site is a collection and testing point for content for the Atlantic Surfing Museum.  The mission statement of the museum is below:

As a non-profit center for exhibition and education, the Atlantic Surfing Museum is dedicated to collecting, conserving, and researching the culture, heritage, art, lifestyle and science of  the sport of surfing for the public’s enjoyment.  We will work to honor the Atlantic beaches, our playground.
As time progesses, with your help, we plan to have one or more physical locations where people of all ages can visit, explore and enjoy the culture, heritage, art, lifestyle and science of  the sport of surfing on the Atlantic shores.
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  Please note.  A red "push pin" on the Atlantic shores world map above indicates a regional showcase for surf photos, stories and history.  Just click on the pin or the coast nearby to go directly to the page for that area.  We hope to enable you to add your own beach at some future time. 
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