Double Drapery Rod Bracket

double drapery rod bracket
  • curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
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double drapery rod bracket - Umbra Diverge
Umbra Diverge 48-Inch-by-88-Inch Double Drapery Rod
Umbra Diverge 48-Inch-by-88-Inch Double Drapery Rod
The Diverge Double drapery Rod, Design: Thea Yuzyk and Michelle Ivankovic, is stylish and useful. This double rod set will keep your draperys held up and your windows looking ever so good with the auburn bronze finished metal rods and finials. Double bracket; holds 5/8” rod in front and the 1/2” rod in back. Hang draperys … and accent panels from this attractive and sophisticated rod and bracket set! Bracket mounts 3” offset from wall. Rods extend 48” to 88". Umbra is the worldwide leader in casual, contemporary and affordable design for the home.

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Fungus on an old tree in the University Botanic Gardens. Not sure of their exact type, but they look like some sort of Bracket fungus - anyone? They have been confirmed as Dryads Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) - many thanks to Chemival and Marianna. Interestingly (?), they are also known as Pheasant's back.
Bracket Fungus
Bracket Fungus
Bracket fungus fruiting body (conk) in Etawah Woods, Highlands Nature Sanctuary, Ohio.

double drapery rod bracket
double drapery rod bracket
Umbra Mission 54-Inch-by-90-Inch Double Tension Drapery Rod, Nickel
The Umbra Mission Double Tension Rod is Design: the Umbra Design Group. These stylish and useful 1/2” rods will keep your draperys and accent panels held up and your windows looking ever so good. Nickel finish. Unique angle bracket allows outer rod to extend past window frame – allowing for drapery to cover entire bracket and inner window frame. No screws or hardware required. Tension rod extends 54” to 90”. Umbra is the worldwide leader in casual, contemporary and affordable design for the home.