Custom Fabric Shades

custom fabric shades
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custom fabric shades - Custom Marimekko
Custom Marimekko Wakisaka UTA Fabric Lamp Shade
Custom Marimekko Wakisaka UTA Fabric Lamp Shade
In the 1970's, Marimekko desired to expand their horizons and pursued the talents of two impressive Japanese textile artists, Katsuji Wakisaka and Fujiwo Ishimoto. In particular, Katsuji Wakisaka introduced new aesthetics which definitely enriched and expanded the Marimekko style. Trained at the Kyoto School of Art & Design, a 24 year old Wakisaka began to work with Marimekko and remained there for the next 8 years. Injecting a contagious playfulness, he refreshed the Marimekko design status quo.

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Customized Frog with expanded canopy shade
Customized Frog with expanded canopy shade
This is what I did on my day off yesterday (4th of July). I made a custom seat for the baby's Frog stroller and created an "expanded" shade to cover him. I haven't sewn the extended cover into the canopy yet; I'm still debating.
Design elements and fabric selections added to photo
Design elements and fabric selections added to photo
With design elements and fabric in place, the client can visualize the final product.

custom fabric shades