Hockey Net Picture : Hockey Coaching Video : World Junior Ice Hockey 2011.

Hockey Net Picture

hockey net picture
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Day 294/365 - Hockey Goal
Day 294/365 - Hockey Goal
After a pretty hard workout today i wasn't really feeling up to skating tonight. I figured it was better then sitting at home plus i still needed a picture for the day. i got to the rink nice and early just as the sun was starting to set. I was trying to think of a way to make an interesting shot out of my surroundings. it was so early there were no players on the rink just an empty hockey goal. after shooting a few frames i noticed they just looked boring with no pop. so i decided to strobist the goal. i cut the ambient way down and use a flash on either side of the net on full power and this was the result.
Hockey Net
Hockey Net
Bored. Playin with the 70-300mm Any comments are appreciated. If you are going to use my photos anywhere (blog,tumblr,facebook etc.) please ask first, or at least give photo cred. I've had a couple random pictures stolen and other people taking credit for them on their blogs.

hockey net picture