Environmental and Petroleum Consultants 


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We are a consulting company located near Athens, GA.  Established in 1989, we provide two main services: Phase I Environmental Assessments for the Commercial Real Estate industry and Oil & Gas consulting for projects located in Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee

 Phase I Environmental Assessments

 AGI recognizes the impact of purchasing an environmentally impacted property.  The cleanup costs can easily exceed the value of the property.  The Phase I Assessment is to help lower the environmental risk for the owners and lenders of commercial real estate.  We are pre-approved with a large number of insurance companies, national and regional banks, and community banks.  AGI has performed well over 3000 Phase I's throughout the USA.  Our clients have included the individual property owner to the Fortune 500 corporation.   The level of our assessments vary from simple environmental site inspection letters to Transactions screens,  ASTM assessments, complete site subsurface investigations and site remediations.  Please gmail us or call us for a quote today.

Phase I Environmental Assessments: 

  Oil and Gas Services 

Investing in Oil and Gas is a risky adventure at best.  There are good drilling programs to be found, but also there are a large number of risky ones.  We provide consulting services for the investor in oil and gas exploration in Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee.  Before you invest in that program, gmail us or give us a call.  AGI personnel has a working knowledge in the KY - TN area for over 20 years.



             Telephone:  (706) 310-0319