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Courtesans' Retreat

Immerse yourself in the decadent delights and unparalleled hospitality of the famed courtesans of the Renaissance. Savor drinks and delicacies while you enjoy sumptuous art, clothing, jewelry, and more. Be entertained by music, poetry, prose, and witty banter. Courtesan is more than just an occupation — learn about the culture and lifestyle from the ladies themselves!

We are looking for participants who wish to display or demonstrate their art for the enlightenment and edification of our guests.

The Courtesan's Retreat will be available all day for adults only and will be located in the lower level next to the Brewing/Dance room. Space is at a premium so we will be able to accommodate a limited number of attendees at any given time.

Please contact Lady Magdalena la Sanguigni at with you questions.