Times are subject to change.

Friday November 6:
5 PM – Gate opens.
8 PM – Consort dessert revel begins in the Feast Hall.
11 PM – Gate closes for the night. Anyone arriving later can call this number (843) 881-5517 or email Mistress Alisoun:

Saturday November 7:
8 AM – Gate opens.
10:00 AM – A&S entries should be dropped off in the Feast Hall.
10:30 AM – Procession begins. Tourney will start promptly afterwards.
11:00 AM – (or after processional) Children’s activities begin, to be held in the covered shelter.
11:30 PM – Canton of Moorhaven bagged lunch sale starts. (Located near the Feast Hall.)
12:30 PM – Children’s activities end. Parents, please collect your children promptly!
1:00 PM – Bagged lunch sale ends.
3:00 PM – A&S entries should be picked up from Feast Hall.
4:00 PM – Court begins. Time will be subject to change due to Tourney duration.
5:30 PM – Feast will be served in the Feast Hall.
After feast a dance will be held in the Feast Hall courtesy of Baron Geldemar.

Sunday November 7:
11 AM – Site closes, please help to make sure the site is left clean!