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Arts & Sciences are at the heart of our Society and Atlantia has a plentitude of artisans!

The Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou, is coordination several different A&S Competitions. For all competitions, entries must be submitted between 10:00 am - Noon and picked up between 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Questions may be directed to the KMoAS at

  • This competition is run by Baroness Janina Krakowska.
  • Tempore Atlantia was started at the Fall Coronation of 2002 by the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. Tempore Atlantia is a single, time-specific competition and display area held at Fall Coronation, Fall Crown Tourney, Twelfth Night, Spring Coronation, and Spring Crown Tourney.
  • Entries for this competition should be placed between 1500 AD - 1600 AD.
  • People may bring as many items as they wish to participate in a Tempore Atlantia exhibition. The only criteria will be that those items be from the time period being highlighted at that particular event. We hope that the Kingdom’s Laurels, Pearls, and others will make it a regular part of their event day to visit the display area and perhaps leave comments and/or tokens for participants. Entrants will be able to mark their items as “non-competitive” (display-only) if they choose.
Dirty Dozen Donation Derby
  • This competition is sponsored by Seigneur Dreux d'Anjou.
  • The theme for this competition is Blue and White! Your items should be primarily blue and white in order to enter. You may use other colors as accent but these colors should make up at least 75% of your entry. Note that you can be creative with this rule. For example, if you enter bottled sekanjabin, make sure your bottles are blue and your labels are white.
  • All entrants must create a dozen (12) of the same type of item based on the theme that are suitable for largesse.  Some items that would work are: 12 needlebooks, 12 handmade thank you cards, 12 children's toys, 12 lengths of woven trim. 12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs.
  • All entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the competition. Important information such as allergy warnings should be noted here. Items will not be accepted if they are not tagged.
  • Items need not be documented.
  • Judging will be done by the 'beads in a cup' method.  Members of the populace are asked to come by and vote for their favorite entry!
  • You may enter more than once! (Note: Two entries means 24 items, and so forth.)
    • Prizes
    • The winner of the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby is the gentle with the most tokens in their entry's cup. The winner gets to select one item from each of the other competitors... So 12 entries means the winner gets 11 prizes!
    • The rest of the items entered into the competition will be donated to Their Majesties, Atlantia, as Largesse.

Scroll Blanks for Kingdom Awards
  • This competition is sponsored by the Nottinghill Coill Scribal Guild.
  • Blanks are used by our combat scribes to fill in the names and dates of a worthy award recipient, on the day of an event or very close to the date, when creating a scroll would be impossible.
  • The texts and the badges for the Kingdom Awards can be found here:
  • Remember to leave space for the recipient's name, and the date of the event that the scroll will be used in the future to be filled in at a later date. Documentation is NOT required to enter this competition, but we'd love to see it!
  • You do not need to be a member of the Scribes Guild to enter. If you have an interest in the scribal arts, please feel free to try your hand!
"Atlantia's Best" Poetry Competition
  • The “Atlantia’s Best” poetry competition will be held at Crown Tourney on November 7th.  Please convey to us what you deem as the best part of Atlantia.  Documentation is requested; you may use EZ docs.  Please bring three (3) copies of your work for the judges.  You do not need to be present to enter.  You can email your entry to Lady Katarzyna Witkowska, Poeta Atlantiae, at  The prizes will be beautiful blue and white Spike garters made by Mistress Martelle von Charlottenburg and a scroll prepared by Lady Aemilia Rosa.

Open Display
  • The artisans, scribes, cooks, scientists, bakers, and other artists of the Kingdom are encouraged at Crown Tournament to display what they are working on. Atlantia takes great pride in the expansive interests and talents of its populace and now is the perfect time to get feedback on your projects and show what you're doing!